Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday


WPC: Happy Place

Happiness is….
the wind in my hair
the sand between my toes
the deep green sea
and the sun upon my skin

Read this somewhere recently. Without even knowing I have been travelling every year (as part of my second vacation for the year) to a beach place since 2013.

2013 – Goa (India)

2014 – Kolad (Pune, India)

2015 – Bali (Indonesia)

Well, I think beach is my Happy Place. And it has never failed me so far.

Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses – Prelude

For the past two weeks, I have been dreaming of beaches. Of course, I have been to one last month during my vacation and that may have had some effect on me. But even before then, I have been to beaches (last year my last vacation,where I broke my ankle, was in a beach area). But I haven’t been affected this much. Every time my yoga instructor asks us to relax in Shavasana and asks us to drift our thoughts, it immediately goes to the beach. I love lying down in the sand and looking up at the sky and watching the clouds pass by, the birds flying all around (as long as they keep me clean enough, you know what I mean 😉 ) and the sound of the waves. And I like my beaches to be less crowded. And to close my eyes and to not feel anything and yet feel everything. I don’t know how well I am explaining it, but hope you get the picture. It relaxes me like no other place (one of the reasons I tried moving to a place with a beach , but my company doesn’t have an office there sadly 😦 ).

So these past two weeks, every single day I have been thinking of one or the other beach I have been to and picturing it again with me in it. I know I wont be going to many of them again, but it is nice to relive those moments through memories and photographs. And then today, I thought, why not collect the pictures of the beaches I have been and reminisce about them a little. I am not sure if it is a good idea but its worth a try isn’t ? What do you think ? Wanna join in and share your memories ? I am planning to have one post per week on Thursday’s. It would be a 12 week thing for me (which in itself is a long one, because I can get easily bored 🙂 ). And I will be tagging them ‘Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses’ (nice name right ? not mine though) If you wish to join and share your memories about any of the beaches you have been, please do tag them with  ‘Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses’, so that it will be helpful for me to enjoy your memories too. Pingback’s to this post is entirely up to your convenience.

I am a little excited like this kid to bring back a few nice memories. Check out the first beach (in chronological order of my visits) this coming Thursday.



“Are you feeling, feeling, feeling like I’m, feeling
Like I’m floating, floating, up above that big blue ocean
Sand beneath our feet, big blue sky above our heads,
No need to keep stressing from our everyday life on our minds
We have got to leave all that behind”
-At the beach, The Avett brothers