Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses

In response to the Earth Day Challenge by K.E. Wilkinson.

I am obsessed with beaches. I just love them. I did a whole series on the various beaches I have visited and how each of them are special to me. I called them ‘Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses‘. I don’t know swimming, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the ocean. Recently someone asked me the question as part of a psychological quiz (and yeah, we know how much I just LOVE them 😉 )  ‘What is your view about the ocean?’. I replied ‘I admire them and find them very peaceful but at the same time a little intimidating too’. It seems how we see the ocean reflects on how you view death. So yeah, I feel the same way about death too.

Here is my photograph of Drake’s beach in USA, where I am planning to visit this time too. I just love this place. I love beaches especially when they are empty. I feel as if the whole place belongs to me. Add a slight drizzle and I am in heaven. I would love to just sit there and stare at the ocean for hours listening to water crashing at the shore. I hope that this time too there will be very very less crowd (or no people at all 😉 ) when I get to visit (fingers crossed)


Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses – Muir & Pebble Beach, USA

Part #7: Muir Beach and Pebble Beach

Muir Beach:


We were there in Muir Beach on the way to our visit to Muir Woods. In our enthusiasm, we arrived rather very early and so took a detour to the beach near by. Again it was empty and no soul was in sight. In fact not even dog walkers were seen. By now you would have known that I absolutely love an empty beach. We were there just walking up and down (its a rather small one actually) in the water doing nothing. Its a pleasure to be able to do that.

Pebble Beach:


The Pebble beach in 17 mile drive in Monterey County is a must see place. I think it is a private drive and it cost us 10$ to go in. But totally worth it. There are lot of view points in the 17 mile drive. But my favorite is the , obviously , beach and the ghost tree. There is also a golf course near the sea shore. We walked from one end to another. Took the car , parked it in the next point and covered almost 3-4 view points by foot. And it was evening and the sun was going down. What an awesome sight to see. If you plan to visit this place, visit it in the evening to see the sunset. Totally totally worth it. We were a big group in two cars and we had so much fun there and yes it wasn’t crowded either. You have the rocks where you can climb up and down. The waves crashing into the rocks, the miles and miles of road stretching on either side of the beach. And the sun setting in the background rather quietly. When it was almost about to set, we went ahead a little further to the ghost tree and saw the sunset from there. It was like the time stopped everywhere else except for the Sun. All of us were watching in awe with our cameras on to capture that ethereal beauty in our cameras and our memories. I will never ever forget that Sunset. Even today if I close my eyes, I can bring back those moments of wonder and that is why Sun is one of my very favorite natural elements. It has a certain charm and calm when its sinking into those waters (at least that is how it looks like isnt even though we know that it isnt the case)


Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses – Drakes Bay

Part #5: Drake’s Beach, Near Point Reyes Light House (or rather on the way to Point Reyes Light House).



What is there not to like in this beach. We were on our way from San Francisco to Point Reyes and even though there were some popular beaches on the way, it was way too crowded and we didn’t want to waste our time there. I am always in favor of a beach which is away from the crowd. And the more interior we went, the more foggy it started getting. We did not plan to stop by the Drake’s beach. We were already running late for the light house and we thought we missed our way somewhere. But then when we saw a sign we decided to make a quick stop to grab a bite. We were in for a surprise. I just fell in love with that beach. It was a weekend and still it was pretty empty. And see those fogs ? It was too cool. Very windy at that time and almost froze us but it was just wow. One of my very very favorite beaches in California (not that I have been to many) There was only one restaurant with limited options at that time (it was in 2010 or 2011 I think) and we overstayed our time there. Who can resist this. I would definitely love to go back again and spend a whole day there watching the Drake’s Bay Cliffs.