I just got up, 9 am, (Easter break started yesterday) and I used the word “parlance” in a sentence and that is the first time I have ever used that word while speaking. Something’s not right. ūü§Ē

What’s with these fire alarms…

On Friday, we had a fire alarm going on in the school just before the school was about to start. Thankfully, not many kids were in the building. The steam from the Kettle in the kitchen was the culprit. Having done the recent Fire Marshal Training and being nominated as one of the Fire Marshals, it wasn’t easy to remember to herd all the kids and not to mention the school dog, through Fire Exits and stand there freezing in the cold until it was all sorted.

On Saturday, we were back home after a quick trip to Central London for shopping and were relaxing watching Taggart when the fire alarm in our apartment went off. What with all the fire incidents that have been going recently, we had to rush out with our essentials (phone, wallet and a jacket) and were waiting and wondering what caused it. Looks like someone smashed the fire alarm box on a floor below us. Thankfully, the fire engines (almost 4 of them) arrived within 5 minutes and checked all the floors and ensured us that nothing was amiss and let us in. We were outside standing in the freezing cold for almost 15 minutes until all was sorted. If only I could get hold of that person who did that. Wonder why they did it. Some thought that it was a prank by some drunk person. It was just 7 pm for god’s sake. I guess we should be happy that it wasn’t 2 am or such. I would be happy to not to hear those alarms for a long time now.


The first week of school. Good, God! What a week. I can feel the pressure on my neck which has been bothering me the whole week. We were all excited for the week to begin. I had all my lesson plans ready. Attended the Fire Marshall Training and completed the course and now I am a Fire Marshall for my school (yay!) The day arrived and just before the classes were about to start we get a horrible news that one of our students, a very lovely and well-loved boy, died the previous night in a freak accident. It was so surreal. I can still feel my surprise at the staff meeting. Looking at the crying faces of some of the teachers, I am wondering what is this. Are they serious? The boy who had read the article I had posted in the Classroom portal and responded just a couple of days before school that he enjoyed the article and looking forward to knowing more about it. The student who did very well in my subject and whom I thought can be a very good candidate for GCSE in Computing. I tell you, that day was a terrible day. We had to mobilize for some child psychiatrist and psychologists so that they can help the kids and the teachers deal with their loss. His friends were devastated. It wasn’t easy at all. A week has gone by and still, people are struggling. At least the students and friends are slowly accepting the fact that they won’t be seeing him anymore.

We can only imagine what their parents are going through. Some kids have written some poems, eulogies, etc to be given to his parents. We are waiting until they are ready to receive it. Will they ever¬†be ready? Death is something I always find it hard to handle. This one hit a little too close to home. I haven’t been to the school for too long, but there are teachers who have been teaching him for years and I can’t even imagine what they feel like. All I can think of now is: I am glad to have known him even if it was only for a very short time and may his dear soul rest in peace!

Peek a boo

Peeking through the kaleidoscopic tunnel in a story book.


Until recently, I did not know that there existed a word called “Staycation“.

ste…™ňąke…™ É(…ô)n/


  1. a holiday spent in one’s home country¬†than¬†abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

I learnt it at the school. Everyone (almost)¬†have¬†plans to go somewhere the day the school term ends. Names of places (mostly countries)¬†were exchanged¬†among¬†the teachers and students. When some of us said that we weren’t¬†going anywhere out of this country for this break, we¬†were told that we were¬†having a¬†staycation instead of a vacation. I hope they are calling the holidays spent in a different part of the home country as vacation instead of¬†staycation. If it is not, then it is rather rude.

Spending the holidays at home enjoying and not travelling long distance could be called a¬†staycation. I am OK with that…(which is what I might be doing this term break)¬†Staycation or vacation, I am planning to enjoy the break with some fun and learning and lots of much-needed rest. Oh! The Game of Thrones is gonna be there to give me company…Yay!!!