Wordless Wednesday


Viewer’s envy, Owner’s pride


I took this shot while driving in the bus to Fort Williams in Scotland. I am not a person who is envious of anything of others. No point in it. But this view stumped me for a few seconds. I really wished I could live in a place like that, but then I keep thinking of that , of a lot of places. But this place has all of my favorites: Water front, green plains, view of the mountains and calm and serene environment. I don’t need such a big house. I always prefer small and compact homes where we are not lost to each other (and not giving the other, enough space to go hide in case I annoy them too much 😉 ). So that is the one thing I would want to change, but the rest I will take it as is. I know this is something out of my reach now, but I can always dream can’t I ? Who knows someday I might be able to make that dream come true too ! What about you, any specific preferences ?

WPC: Room

My entries for this week’s photo challenge: Room

A hotel room in Scotland


A room full of pictures , in a museum in Madrid


Organic Plantation’s Dining room in Goa


Room of the King – A Durbar in Hyderabad


Finally a room with a view 😉  in Segovia


Scottish Landscape

As usual, I was getting bored and so started on some editing of an image which I took in Scotland last year. This was taken in a place called Commando Memorial in Highlands. I just loved Scotland. Would love to go again if I get a chance. When we were there, it was raining pretty badly, but that didn’t stop me from getting a picture when it slowed down for a few seconds. See all those angry clouds up there? It was chasing us the whole day.

More than anything, I loved how there was a natural light just above the mountains and below the clouds. That small stretch of white before it was all engulfed by darkness. I used Luminance HDR to get the 2nd picture with some effects (does it look like a scene just before when the Dementors are ready to swoop down in that place in Harry Potter ? ) . Hope you like them 🙂 and my favorite is the first one.



A Word a Week Challenge – Reflect

I thought of doing it in another post, but better to have the pictures separated. So here is a reflection of my travels this year with one photo from every place. Hope you enjoy it.

Paris - Europe
Paris – Europe
Edinburgh - Scotland
Edinburgh – Scotland

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“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” 
― Gustave Flaubert