Tuesday Tunes

A night of good music

Ever since we heard Jake Lukeman at the opening of Imelda May’s show, Mr M became a fan of his. I liked his songs and he was able to hold the audience’s attention not to mention them laugh out a lot at his humour, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a fan, as of yet. Will I go to watch him perform? Of course. He is really very good. We were at his solo performance last Wednesday at a quaint little church called St Pancras Old Church. This is my first time visiting that church. It has its own history. This church is also the venue of such solo artists. There were many such performances listed on their board. The venue is small and compact, it became something of a private performance if you know what I mean.

The opening at 8 pm was done by Fraser Anderson, a Scottish artist. He was also very good. More emotional in his songs and his poetry was awesome. 

Jack started his performance at 9 pm and went on until 10.30 pm. The church had its own piano, so both the performers made use of the same and we were delighted to hear them perform without a band or loud instruments.

The acoustics at the church was amazing. You might have to learn to sit on those wooden pews for 3 hours or so (or in our case some foldable chairs). That might only be the downside. But you can get up and stretch your legs whenever you feel cramped. Jack’s sense of humour, his way of engaging with the audience making them take part in his gig was the biggest plus point. A couple even did an impromptu dance number for one of his songs. Like I said, it felt like a private performance for us, all thanks to the beautiful venue and the talented artists.


When I am bored I love taking some quizzes , anything fun and not adding much pressure to my already exhausted brain. Sometimes, I turn to Buzz-feed for my fun quota. I was really bored during the second half of the work day and took some simple quizzes for fun.

1) Who Is Your “Game Of Thrones” Soulmate?

You know what I got ????

You got: Tyrion Lannister

When it comes to partners-in-crime, it’s brains and not brawn that matter, right? Like Tyrion, you’re sharp as a tack, and aren’t fooled by anyone. Have a large glass of wine, because you and Tyrion are meant to be buds for life.

Yay!!!! My favorite character 😉  Not sure about being soulmate, but yeah buds for life ? why not!

2) What Is Your Scottish Name?

Now, this I wasn’t very sure, because I didn’t know much of the places or the flowers or drinks…So the answer was quite random for the questions asked. And my answer was

You got: Fergus

Hi, your name is Fergus (Fearghas), which means “man-strength”. You are fit, you are strong, you are more powerful than they can possibly imagine.

Hmm… For a female, should it be Fergie ? Hell, whatever ? Sort of matches me to some extent I believe.

Do you wanna play them and let me know what you got ? Are there any other fun games you know of, to keep the boredom away ?