Sunday Matinee shows

I got some movies from my friend to watch over this weekend and managed to watch four of them as of now. The earlier one was ‘Enough Said’ and the rest were reserved for today (Sunday Matinee Show 😉 ). Its been long since I did a movie marathon of sorts and it actually felt good. I am not going into the story line of any of them here.

a) Charade (1963 movie)

Until almost 20 minutes into the movie, I didn’t realize that I had seen it already but still went ahead and watched it fully because I kind of like this and who can resist Audrey Hepburn huh? It is a kind of romantic thriller but its a comedy too 🙂 Dialogues are so different from what we usually see now aren’t they ? Sometimes too direct and crisp. Of course, I have this little problem where Audrey’s character is sort of going on a sea-saw over Cary Grant, all hot and cold, believing and unbelieving, but that is sort of her charm in this. She is confused and doesn’t know whom to trust and goes with her instinct at times. A fun watch, even though it has supposedly a sort of serious story line.

b) Secondhand Lions (2003 movie)

Not something I would have generally picked, but since it was recommended to me, I started watching it and I kind of liked the innocence and craziness that came along with the story. This is the story of the boy who comes to live with his two sort of eccentric uncles and grows on them as does them on him. He also begins to go along with their crazy intentions to actually live their life rather than survive it in their age. So much so that he is ready to have the second hand lion, that they got for them to hunt and use it’s head in the fire place, as his pet, which in its final stage saves his life too. And all the stories of Africa and Sheiks and princesses which he hears, he isn’t sure if he should believe in them. But when Uncle Hub gives him half of his man-speech, he knows he wants to and sticks with it.

A very cute movie.

c) Lucky Number Slevin (2006 movie)

A movie which took me by surprise because in the beginning it was all some unrelated events coming together where this wrong guy is being summoned by not one by two rival gangster bosses and they both want him to do something for them and he isn’t even the person they are looking for. Until at the end when all the pieces form together and reveal the actual story. Even if I wanted to I am not going to reveal the story here. It is very well made (if you haven’t seen the movie, don’t read the Wikipedia, just go ahead with the movie). A very good crime and thriller drama for a perfect Sunday matinee.


I have some more, but I guess I will stick with these for now and have the rest for next weekend 🙂