Wall & Art – 3


Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
– Oscar Wilde

PS: Taken in one of the small side streets of Brighton on our way back from Royal Pavilion.


😆 I have yet to learn the art of selfie. Got to perfect my selfie pose and make sure not to click it while saying twoooo. How good are you with your selfie?

Now you see me!

Well, not very clearly 😉 I love taking this kind of selfie, where I am visible, but not entirely. In fact, in this photograph, I have my friend too who just entered the room (totally unexpected) somewhere on the right-hand side of the photograph. But she is hidden too. I was trying to frame it in such a way that I will be between the floor and the roof and in between the window panes. But it came off a little bit towards the left with respect to the window panes. We were already getting late for a boating trip (which we missed anyway) so had to hurry up and then forgot about this altogether. Saw this when I was sorting the photographs. Should do better next time.

SL-Week: Moi

Thanks Sylvain for inviting me to the weekly theme/challenge first of which includes introducing ourselves. Here is my entry for ‘Moi’. Good luck putting the pieces together to form the whole picture 😉

AWAW: Frame

For this week’s word photography, I will go with my already published image which is also my current favorite.
A naturally framed selfie 🙂 IMG_5976