Lemony shawl

After some consistent pestering and convincing, Anita finally kindly agreed to knit a sweater for me. I have always liked her work and wanted to get one done by her. I am so glad that it is coming along so well. Thank you so much for the updates, Anita 🙂
And that color is awesome isn’t? Am already excited to see the final product.


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My (mis?)adventures with yarn

It’s Lemony because of the beautiful bright-yellow color of the yarn. I started this project because I wanted something different to do while I was trying to finish other projects. 😀 Some of those other projects are still not done, but this wrap finished up pretty quickly.

Lemony shawl

I first started with the top-down approach without any pattern in mind, working short rows coupled with increases until I reached a decent height, and bound off, only to realize that the yarn is pretty heavy, and it stretched the shawl so much that it looked like I was wearing a python. :-/ So I frogged it and started afresh, this time quite narrower.

I still wanted to stick to the top-down construction, and started off with a simple lace pattern at the top. This time, I thought of looking for some inspiration for a lacy bottom edging that I could play with…

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