I have had so many awkward moments in my life, but when I had sit and write one nothing comes to my mind. Or rather too many incidents are fighting over each other inside my head and not letting me pick one among them.

OK, let me go with a least awkward one which I am sure many of you would have encountered one time or the other during your shopping trips.
You would know by now, I am not big on shopping and I don’t have patience to try the clothes I buy and the one time I do I end up having a moment. So this one day I go to a mall to check on a ring and then since I had to meet another friend who was running late, I decided to go around the shops and see if something catches my eye. In one of the clothes shop, one yoga t-shirt looked good. So I pick up the L size and turn around to see if the trial rooms were available. I walk around trying to find one and since there weren’t any signs I go to the guy who was standing next to the women’s T-shirt section and, might I add, who had his ID tag on and asked him where the trial rooms were. He was on his phone typing something and he looked up and smiled sheepishly and said that he wasn’t an employee and looked very embarrassed. I did a mental face palm and said ‘Oops! Awkward! Sorry yaar!’ and then went to a side, laughed for a minute and bought the T-shirt without even trying it and I was done with my shopping for the day. The rest of the time I was just going in and looking at the merchandises in the other showrooms. One awkward moment a day was what the doctor prescribed me.

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M: Honey, rainy days are made for online shopping, don’t you think?

F: Not when it is raining deals out here.



Sometimes, you just have to reward yourself

After what felt like a whole day but in reality was just an hour and a half of window shopping for a particular kind of dress that I had in my mind, for a special occasion, I thought why not reward myself for putting in so many hours at the mall, all by myself and without actually getting any positive result for the purpose I was there. I am a go-to-a-shop-and-just-pick-a-dress-that-captures-your-eyes-and-better-priced-and-get-outta-there kind of woman. I don’t like choosing, trying, wondering if it would be OK or not etc etc… I would go mad. But this occasion demands it and moreover, I promised someone that I will try, really really try. So I had to keep my promise. Some promises are so not easy to keep. But I also needed a pick me up after that effort. My eyes were going hazy after all that time. So went into the Sapna Book house in one of the floors on the way back, picked up this book, billed it, and got out of there. Didn’t even loiter around for anything else. I am half way through another book now. So this would have to wait for the three day long weekend  that is coming up.

I still have my reservations about this book, because it is more of a play format than a book format. But then I wouldn’t have not read it. It might have taken me time to do it. But eventually I would have. Now once I read this, I am sure I won’t be bothered to go to that play, unless and otherwise someone is gifting me those tickets 😉 (AM: I hope you read this post)

All about the sizes

When I was in London the last time, I had to buy a couple of work out clothes because I hadn’t gone prepared for a week of gym.  So I go to Primark, because I was told that is where I will get my gym wear at a cheaper price (I have to convert it to Indian Rupee, remember). What I did not expect was the size differences. I know of it. But I never had been clothes shopping anywhere else. So I had no idea that I would be in so much trouble. In India, the sizes are XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL etc. I usually go for L because I don’t like exact fit clothes. I like my clothes a little looser. But over there, when I went to the T Shirt section in Primark, I was perplexed because there was a size 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 etc. How the hell am I supposed to know this kind of size now. I tried asking a sales girl over there and she said ‘Google is your friend’. Honestly that is what she told me. So I asked my friend to google it ( that did rhyme, did it not?) and found that I may or may not be size 12 or 14. I am not a big fan of trying out clothes. Standing in the queue to the fitting rooms and trying them out and retrying…naah. When I am with my friends, they do force me to do that so that I wont regret it. But when I am going shopping on my own, I just pick it and bill it. Since I always pick the bigger size I know for sure it will fit me 😉 Very simple logic. So imagine my horror when I had no other choice than to try the fitting. After some mumbling I take a couple of them in different sizes and go in search of the fitting rooms. To my horror, there was a queue bigger than the billing section. What did I do? I tried the size 14 on top of the tops I was wearing and it looked like it fit even with the 2/3 layers of clothes I was wearing. So logically it wouldn’t be too tight if I wore it on its own. And having decided that size 14 is the size for my T Shirt I went to the billing section to stand in that smaller queue.

I have also had some disastrous purchases when I have done my purchasing online. I still have that one shirt which is marked L but is fit for my first niece (in a couple of years). I have no idea how that shirt can be marked as L. There is always a huge risk when we buy clothes. I am not sure about Men’s sizes and if they have the same problem. But I have heard other women facing the same kind of issues. I am in awe of people who purchase perfectly fitting clothes and shoes online. Hats off to you people.

Why this rant all of a sudden? Because of this video on Vox’s YouTube channel which explains the same confusion as mine and also explains how the sizes get changed over ages and brands. No wonder I am always confused.

This problem isn’t just with the clothes. I am currently going through some tough times with regards to ring sizes. Why wont people have some universal standards with regards to all these things. As if there isn’t already enough to do that conversion formula/table.

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OK, yeah I cheated a bit there 😉 The original photograph looks like this


It was taken in one of the shops at Covent Garden.When I took the photograph, making sure that my reflection doesn’t spoil the image, I knew I would have to work on it a bit to achieve what I wanted this photograph to convey. I liked the effect (a bit of twiddling using Pixlr, of course) What do you think? 😀