A subtle message

A friend forwarded this video and it was an instant like. I like fairy tales. I like love stories. I love happily-ever-after endings. No doubt I like this too.

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”
― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Show it short and sweet!!!

Irrespective of the format, whether its a 200-500+ paged book or a 2:30 hr movie or a short film of < 5 mins, a love story is always pleasant to read, hear or watch. But among all the three formats, the last one, short films, is the trickiest, according to me. To deliver a punch in such a short span of time requires more creativity. Here is a list of such movies I got to watch recently.

Oktapodi (English) : A short film about love and action. Its very very cute. Even in 2:26 minutes you can show and tell so much of action? Wow… The two octopus are just too cute. – The best of the lot. I was dumbstruck after watching this for some time…. very good job 😀

The Lonely Bachelor:  Story about an unrequited love and how he turns from a lonely bachelor to a lover.


Big Hero 6 – Cute

Big Hero 6 – This week’s Saturday movie combined with our customary brunch. The only pain point for me was that it was a 3D movie. I hate 3D’s especially when I was having constant headache due to the sinus and all. But then the movie made up for it, so I can’t complain much. As soon as we entered the theater we saw that it was almost filled with kids of all ages. From almost 3/4 to teen, fully equipped with balloon and talking constantly, arguing. It made the theater very lively. Even before the movie started, they showed another short animation called Feast, which confused us because we thought there was something wrong with the screening of the actual movie. But it was a very cute one.

Again, I am not going into the movie and the story behind it, but if you like animation movies and combine it with some super hero stuff and a big soft bear like robot called Baymax, you have got a winner in hand. All the kids behaved well in the theater and even though there were a few moments where the reaction of the kids made us chuckle and even laugh out loud, it was very cute. I loved the movie and the song Immortals by Fall Out Boy which is played in the movie. It has action, adventure, emotions, humor, comedy, villany everything. As soon as the microbots were introduced, there was a moment we remembered the Tamil movie Endhiran. The robot there too had a chip similar to the one in Baymax and there were scenes which resembled the microbot action sequences. I loved the Big guy Baymax. Wish I had one for myself 🙂 He is so cute and so endearing.

All in all a very enjoyable movie. Kids sure will love it more.

Left or Right or ?

It made me smile and oh! wait for that lovely ending 😉

Justice and Punishment

I guess I will be watching more of short movies this week, in between my hectic work to relax myself, since I don’t have time for 2+ hour long movies. So here is one another for today.

What is the difference between Justice and Punishment ? Check out the ‘The Punisher: #Dirty Laundry‘ short film. But one word of warning: Has brutal violence scenes in it with blood splattering everywhere and all.

I am not much into games or comic heroes so I didn’t know about the Punisher series before I saw this short film. But if they have such short films on it, I would love to watch it. It always gives me peace to see that the guilty is punished and justice is served. But yeah, you must like that kind of heroic characters for that. And I like them just fine.

One question though: Is Jack Daniels whiskey bottle that strong ?