Puurrrfect Auditions

I am not a big fan of cats. But this was one cute video 🙂 Very well done. Promoting their country through those cute little furry creatures. Can I send the purrfurrs, that are residing in my apartment and are using my scooter as their resting place, to Singapore and hope that they win and stay back there? (I think that is the best way to get rid of them…)


Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap

The below post was first published on June 5 , 2013. I stumbled upon this yesterday and was surprised to see that I completed two of the places that I had listed below.

  • Spain was completed in 2014
  • Angkor Wat was completed in 2015

🙂 I am usually not a person who gets these nostalgic feelings and such, but felt good reading the old post. It also reminded me of the places I am yet to visit.


I know I am a little late for this post which is in response to the daily prompt – Tourist Trap, but better late than never.

My dream tourist places that I have visited are

a) Singapore – Which was my first overseas tourist destination way back in 2009. I really enjoyed my trip for almost a week there (including Kuala Lumpur)


b) Venice – I have no idea why I liked this place, may be the lure of the gondola ride or the various movies that I have seen showing this amazing place. But whatever it was, I just loved this place and was very happy being there during my tour this year.


c) Grand Canyon – This place again was a dream come true in 2010. I was so awestruck with this place, I started recommending it to everyone who was going to U.S. I would go there without a second thought again and may be spend more than a weekend, which I did during my first time.  This is one place, where I felt I was at peace with myself.

Sun breaking out of the clouds (it was too cloudy and windy and cold that day)

I have a list of other places which I would like to visit. Some of them (outside of India) are

a) Niagara Falls

b) Angkor Wat

c) Manasarovar Lake

d) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

e) Srilanka

f) Spain

g) Egypt

I have no idea when I will be visiting these places, but I will make my best effort 🙂

Travel & Monument

Combining the weekly prompts of Sylvain and Julie here.
Petronas Towers : When you say Kuala Lumpur, one of the places that comes as a must visit is the Petronas Towers. In day light, its pure steel, and at night, its a pleasure to watch it what with all the lights up there. I visited KL, the first time in 2009 and took this with the Canon Handycam that we purchased in Singapore. When it comes to photographs, it doesn’t take them with high quality (too much noise), but I really like this photograph, because it came out much different to what I expected (good different, I mean)

SoCS – The first international trip

2009-the year of my travel to my favorite place Singapore and Kualalumpur.  It will always be a very special year not only because it was my first international trip, which I was hell bent in making it happen after so many failures in the past but also because that was the only trip that I was able to convince my parents to travel with me. I really wanted them to travel to an international location at least once and I wanted it to be me they enjoy it with , so that I can spoil them rotten 😉  My mom had never been inside an aeroplane till then and I still remember the way she lit up when it was in the air and we were among the clouds.  My dad got himself a camcorder and kept filming the whole journey (and he burnt them in to 5 DVD’s later). The way they enjoyed the trip is something I will always cherish. My dad keeps going to the local trips mostly to the temples nearby, but my mom hardly goes out even though she loves it. Her problems with her knee and obesity gives her trouble even if she wants to. And this one was a sort of a leisure trip which was planned with a travel agent so that we will be having enough time to relax as well as to go around as much as we want to. Since these places were only 4 hours of travel from my place and that it’s official language had Tamil among one of them, it was easy to be not totally lost but still get the feel of an international place. To this date she recollects the places she has been with so much joy whenever she sees them in any program or song or movie scene. I know they wouldn’t want to travel to long distances anymore because they are too old to endure the wait and the journey, but I am glad that I could do atleast one and my first one with them.

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This week’s prompt: In your first sentence, include a quantity. Any number from one to a gazillion, or any conceptual number, i.e. “many,” “few,” “a lot,” or even “once” will do.