Our phones are now equipped with an option to take panorama shots. But I have never got one decent panorama yet. If there were people involved, then for sure their noses were realigned or they appear longer and in the case of places, I do shake it a bit somewhere. I have got a few but they weren’t angled properly. I might post a few of my trials later. But for this week’s theme from Sylvain, I am going with a panoramic view of the Hampi’s Virupaksha temple (I posted another one slightly similar to this earlier) along with the surrounding landscape and a sunset. This is my most favorite photograph of the whole trip because we had to climb half way through the hill from where the photograph was taken   (after a very tiring and hot day) and wait for the Sunset to happen but finally, the effort was totally worth it.

You know you are getting old when…

the cake is not large enough to hold the candles 😉 1-IMG_20141212_183304821.jpg


Just this evening I published a post related to Yellow as part of my A-Z Book List series. And when I checked for Sylvain’s theme for this week, it also said ‘Yellow‘ color. Why not huh? I looked around and found this fellow lying on my office table. This belongs to my nephew, who has cars in all colors. He left this one behind when he was here last year and asked me to keep it safe for him 🙂 What lies on my office desk will lie there forever. My desk isn’t too messy, but messy enough for my mother to give me a stink eye. Now that my nephew is gonna visit me next month during his vacations I am glad that this teeny tiny fellow survived the year at my desk (and did not go into hiding in one of the innumerable place in my house)


With summer already in top form (close to 40 Degrees) and the very regular and longer power cuts, this inverter, which I had invested a couple of years ago, is providing me with the electricity that is required for more than a few hours to get through. I wonder how I survived before this?

SL-WEEK: Women


“She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible.”
― Ariana Dancu

PS: Taken in Rameshwaram, on the way back from Dhanushkodi (the southern tip of India).
Posted for Sylvain’s photo challenge of the week: Women