Sleep Couch

Have you had a furniture that is a hit with everyone else but you?  I am not a big fan of my couch,  which is a sofa cum bed actually,  courtesy of my uncle who lent it to me when I moved into my home long time ago. It has helped me since but this is where I have broken two of my toes. Not the couch’s fault of course . But still .  You see why I am not overtly attached to it. It does help me when people are staying at my place. It quite big and can be used as a double bed easily.

For people who visit my place, especially friends, it is the sleep couch. I have no idea why. But that is how it is. My friend who used to stay around 2 mins from my place (who has since then moved to US) used to come around whenever she was bored and pretend to be talking to me, but would be actually getting comfortable with the couch and within seconds I can hear her soft snore. That happened not just once or twice…all the time she visited. I then accepted the fact that she came to my house only to sleep on my couch. The couch was big enough to actually give her more space and some for her to roll around too. No wonder she loved that more than talking to me 😉

I thought that she was the only one who was affected. But nope. Every other friend of mine (you know who you are 😉 ) even though they come to my place, all alert and awake, for some reason start to feel sleepy as soon as they are on this couch sitting for a few minutes. And my friends use to call dibs on this sofa if more than one of them who loved it visited me. 🙄 My husband loves this couch. This is his place where he pretends he is reading his book, but is comfortably snoozing with his book open and in sitting position. And after a while he stops giving a damn about me ribbing him and just lies down and sleeps so peacefully.

Recently my maids grandson started to love this couch. Whenever he would visit, he would stack the cushions and start rolling on top of them and just lie there on the couch and look at the ceiling when his mom or grandma would clean the house. And then he would refuse to go home too. He just wants to be there lying on that sofa. I do use it to sleep but not very often. I am not used to sleeping in the afternoon unless and otherwise I am sick or too tired to do any work. Even then I prefer my bed. Probably because I don’t fit in completely. I would have to keep my leg on the arm rest if I do lie down. So it is not that comfortable for me. But I always find it amusing that everyone else does. I am sure when I give it away (since it isn’t mine to keep anyway) lot of people will be sad to see it go 😉