My stupid heart!

I recently got to know about this prompt that Helen conducts and its called Song Lyric Sunday, where you share your favorite song with its lyrics.

I share my favorite songs weekly through Tuesday Tunes, but then I hardly post the full lyrics to it. And there is nothing like too much music. So I decided to take part in her weekly prompt. If you like music and like to sing along, then you should probably join too.

As my first entry, I would like to post my new favorite song ‘My Stupid Heart’ by Shawn Mullins. I heard the song through some recommended link in YouTube and fell in love with it. I haven’t heard of this singer so far (just like so many others I don’t know…so if you are a fan of this singer, please forgive me!) But this song tugs my heart. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find the lyrics online. So I decided to write it as and when the song was being played. I have heard this song enough to actually know it by heart. So without further delay, here is the song and the lyrics… Enjoy!

Lyrics: (since I wrote it while the song was playing , didn’t bother with the upper and lower cases, just went with the flow and let me know if you see any corrections)

my stupid heart
is what i blame
when the arrow flies
with perfect aim
it don’t work out
like i thought it would
my stupid heart
still thinks it could

my stupid heart
believes the lies
the poets tell
surprise surprise

good love goes bad
falls apart
oh so sad
my stupid hea…rt

my stupid heart
can be so cruel
the way it plays me for a fool
it never learns
you think i would’ve known
my stupid heart
is kind of slo….w

my stupid heart
it plays for keeps
through hoops of fire
it bounds and leaps
its all for love
right from the start
that’s how it ends
my stupid hea…rt

my stupid….
my stupid heart
my stupid….
my stupid heart
my stupid….hea…rt

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