When we went to BonSouth for dinner I was pretty sure that I am just gonna watch my friends have a nice buffer dinner , because I was already feeling very full. But then as and when the items came by, it made my mouth water and then the next thing I knew I joined the buffet. Damn my taste buds. There is only 50 Rs difference between a veg and a non-veg menu and there were enough of veg items to try too. The only complaint was that the chutneys were a little bland. But the service was very good, they heard our complaints and got us some mildly spicy peanut chutney too. The live counter has dosa’s, roti’s and appam. The Elaneer (tender coconut) payasam was very sweet and yummy. And you are not allowed to pay any tips to the waiters 🙂 They totally rejected it. It was very good. Not truly and exactly very South Indian-ish, but still very tasty and different.