WPC: Life Imitates Art

For this week’s photography challenge: Life Imitates Art


The Cross

When I saw the video in Travel Between The Page’s blog post, I was spellbound. Why? Because this was a place I had been to and this video is so Amazing. The place is Montserrat in Spain. My 13th day trip to Spain was to this place. I absolutely loved the place. They have a famous Boy Choir which truly rendered me speechless and with tears.

What also struck me was the picture of the Cross that was there in the video. My friends and I had this discussion about it. It was quite far from the Cathedral and I did have proof of seeing that in my photographs, but when these guys (i.e. my friends) went further ahead of the trek (I stopped after a steep point, after which they had to literally crawl and climb the rocks and I had just gotten better after my ankle fracture) they said they couldn’t really find it. They were trying to fool me by saying that it might be a mirage or something that might vanish when we get closer. So after seeing this video, went to my hard disk, found out the photographs and verified.


Definitely,  the cross is there. No mirage, no vanishing act. But, now there seem to be two types of crosses in this place. The one I saw was a plain one (the one in the photograph above). I wonder where the cross that is featured in this video is. I had to edit the above photograph a bit to enhance the presence of the cross on the top of the mountain. But now, I am intrigued about the second one. Maybe, I will get to see both of them next time I visit this place.

Narrow Streets

When we had been to Spain last year, we went to this place called Poble Espanyol in Barcelona. Since we had been to other places in Spain and Barcelona being our last stop, I couldn’t really appreciate this place much because we had seen the narrow streets and cobbled pathways in real and hence this replica didn’t hold much of my attention. But if you couldn’t spend time going through various parts of Spain, this place would definitely tell you about the various architectures and styles of the country.

Posted for this week’s prompt from Sylvain: Narrow.

Good Day

It was a Good Day when I landed on my feet correctly without breaking my ankle (again) after a very fun filled Sky dive 🙂

When you want a picture of a favorite place to come exactly the way you want it ? That is indeed a good day.


And when you keep your alarm so early to catch that glimpse of Sunrise and it turns out to be so awesome that all you do is sit back , put your feet up and enjoy it… That was indeed a very good day!

SL-WEEK 7 : Night

This week’s theme from Sylvain is Night. I have been trying to do some night shots whenever I get the chance but it is very difficult to do it in the city. When I had been to Spain last year, I did shoot some in almost every place we had been to. But Tossa De Mar is my favorite. We had booked a beach facing hotel and got a room with balcony overlooking the fort and the beach. How cool is that. I was trying to take the Fort all lit up when I noticed this boat bathing in the lights. How can I miss that. This was taken from the balcony of my room and the background is the fort.