Mr M is doing a bit of Italian through Duolingo (whilst I am doing my Irish) in lieu of our impending visit to Italy in December (all about that later) I can’t help but hear a few words here and there and they do get stuck in my memory. One of them is “Pomodoro” which mean “tomato”. On my way back home from work, I spotted this restaurant which I know is a chain in London (at the least) and it was called “Rossopomodoro”. Sounds very exotic isn’t. Now that I know what it literally translates to i.e., red tomato, it doesn’t sound so exotic anymore. Why would you want to name your restaurant “red tomato”? that is a bit odd isn’t? I am sure if we try and translate some of those exotically named restaurants to English, it would be quite funny. One such restaurant I remember in USA (?) is El Pollo Loco which literally translates to Crazy Chicken! 😆 Do you know of any such names?

Let’s dance

I heard this song first in my Zumba class where the instructor did this song and I just loved it. I didn’t feel like checking it out until recently. I love the Spanish version of it. I feel it has more sensual feeling to it than the English version. Now every time I listen to this I feel like dancing to it with those Zumba steps.

And the dancers in this video. Wow.. amazing. Especially where they have to do those steps with the football, too good. I love to watch people dance, especially when they enjoy it. Wanna dance 😉 ? (You can check this video for the steps or you could just go with the flow)

Tuesday Tunes

I am sure everyone would have heard this very popular and one of my favorite song. So, let us refresh it a bit 🙂 and no dancing in the office please.

I saw the steps being performed by a bunch of high school girls near the Port of Barcelona when we had been there. It was pure fun to watch those kids repeat this old number. They were so cute.