Just as late as the movie

It’s unfair on my part to follow the movie and post this post of mine about my views of the movie much later than I actually saw it. Yup, I am talking about Spectre. It was released in India much later than it was done elsewhere (all because of some other Hindi movie that was about to be released at the same time). So caught the action around 27th of November.

As soon as I saw the skeleton image pop up in the screen, I almost shouted out loud ‘Mexico’ (because I saw them in Guadalajara when I was there) and my friend was shocked to see that I was right. Yay!!! I did wait for the movie for so long and remember how  I told you about my enthusiasm (aka shouting out loud in the theater) when I knew that Christoph Waltz was in this movie, even when it was just the trailer…Well, I was a teeny tiny bit sad that he had rather less time than I would have loved , in this movie. But nonetheless, I am always happy to see him even for a few seconds.

By now, there are so many reviews and views about this movie. But as far as I am concerned, I enjoyed it immensely. It is becoming more and more personal to Bond as a person. And it sort of makes it different and well, it is a mass commercial entertainer. So it needs to have all the hi fi and jazzy stuff… Did you see that car ??? :shocked: What was Moriarty doing in a Bond movie ? That was a surprise. It was rather a small role for him too isn’t. And Monica Bellucci , wow… so beautiful , even though she was again in a very small role, which was even smaller in the Indian versions, because they cut her ‘special’ scene with Bond 😦 Why???

I am a fan of Bond movies, so nothing will make me feel bad about watching a Bond movie, however average it is, but then I think this one was way better than Quantum of Solace (as one of my other friend agreed) and almost in the league of Skyfall. The opening sequence was so amazing with so many people and the helicopter fight…whoa!!!

I saw Graham Norton’s show on this movie (just because there was Christoph Waltz in it) and enjoyed it too 🙂 He has a very unique sense of humor doesn’t he ? (and I meant Christoph here) I really like him you know. With all these speculations going on about who would be the next actor playing the Bond character, I think I can’t imagine anyone right now other than Daniel Craig and he isn’t my favorite Bond actor infact. I really really hated him for being a Bond in the initial movies, but now I am sort of used to his acting and find him suitable for the recent Bond movies what with it becoming more personal and all. But we don’t have to worry about it until much later do we ? I wonder what is in store for Bond in the next movie, now that quite a  lot has been pieced together!


Tuesday Tunes

Well, you all know how BIG a fan of ‘James Bond’ I am 😉 So in anticipation of the next movie that is coming soon, here is the song from the movie sung by Sam Smith. Truly breathtaking. Even though it does sound similar to the one sung by Adele for Skyfall, I still love the same. Because its Sam Smith and I can never hear enough of him.

How do I live? How do I breathe?
When you’re not here I’m suffocating
I want to feel love, run through my blood
Tell me is this where I give it all up?
For you I have to risk it all
Cause the writing’s on the wall

MI – 5

I am a big fan of Mission Impossible Theme song, but not much of the series. I loved the first one, liked the 2nd one but after that lost track of it. And I ain’t a big fan of Tom Cruise either, although I should say I do love his stunts. But when I saw the trailer of the latest installment of this series, Rogue Nation, I did want to watch it and finally it happened today. Nothing beats watching a kickass action movie with good stunts, with friends who can match your screams and claps 😉 I enjoy myself when I watch a movie. Especially with car/bike stunts/chases what is there not to like and not to clap and hoot 🙂 I am glad that the audience today in the movie theater were equally enthusiastic and I wasn’t the only one clapping out loud (it did happen for The Imitation Game… I ended being the only one who clapped and hooted in an otherwise very quiet theater…damn audience) Especially the amazing stunt on the plane being the opening shot….whoa!!! I almost stood up and clapped. I liked the one liners in this movie too. My friends who saw the previous one said that that was much better than this, (I guess that was taken in Dubai) but still this fared well according to me. I enjoyed it a lot. I loved Benji and his reactions and Rebecca was so stunning. Especially in the bike chase… After watching those car chases and bike chases, I was so pumped up that I wanted to get in a car chase that moment 😉 and I want to learn to ride a bike, like right now! Damn! I should do that sooner. Its been on my bucket list for far too long. Its a proper Hollywood Mass Masala movie, just like the Fast and Furious series. I wouldn’t go and dissect the story in this and find logic or reasoning. I went with the expectation that I will have a good time and that is what I had. And that is all that matters 🙂

One more thing, during this movie, they showed the recent trailer of Spectre, the next Bond movie…and I literally screamed. Really, I did scream out loud, when I saw Christoph Waltz in the trailer. OH MY GOD!!!! HE IS IN THE NEXT BOND MOVIE… I wish it gets released sooner. I have been resisting myself to go online and check out the details of the movie. But it was such a pleasant surprise. My heart beat just got faster as soon as I saw him come from the shadows. Can’t wait for it. Yay!!!