Can you feel it ?

Have you ever really had a strange encounter with an unknown ? I call it unknown because I am not sure of how to call them (or it) Ghosts/Spirits/Visions !? Whatever they are. Names don’t matter here do they ? Lets leave aliens out of this. I think you get the point. I am reading Linda Howard’s novels one by one, and in one of them there is this woman protagonist (an artist by profession) who can see ghosts (as she calls them) and she paints their death moments later it happens, that too in her sleep. That lands her into trouble and we have a male protagonist to help her resolve the issues (and well, there is some very heavy romance also going on…)
I have never had such experiences, so I always give the benefit of doubt to those who do. Recently my very close friend was telling me how she feels that her father (who recently passed away) is always there in the house with her and she can somehow feel him. She says that sometimes when she gets up from her sleep she can almost see him standing there watching over her and telling her that things are gonna be alright and asking her to go back to sleep. She says that she isn’t afraid but that she is not able understand it and is sort of disturbed by that fact alone. I don’t blame her. I would be forced to think a lot about it too, wondering the reason behind these, how such a thing can really happen and all. I might end up having sleepless nights because of that rather than the scare of seeing some unknown.

I saw one very strange idea recently, but totally worth trying it 😉 (hoping that no one gets arrested for this).

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