Whenever I cross this place, I wonder when I will be going in to watch the play. I tried to book it in this time, but it was all full and the only slots available were in end of August (I am leaving coming Monday) . So I decided to wait until the craziness would die down. But with more spoilers coming in, I wonder if it is a wise decision to put it off until later. Also heard that there might be a movie that might be made  based on this play. Wonder how that will turn out.

This waiting game sucks…(and yes, I am talking about Game of Thrones too…book and series) 1-IMG_20160728_202625.jpg

GoT Update (contains spoiler)

<Huge Spoiler Alert for Game of Thrones, so please refrain from reading if you haven’t seen season 2 and 3>

This Sunday, finally I managed to complete watching till the end of 3rd season of Game of Thrones. Even though I have read that book, had that emotional reaction, it still did not make it any less painful to watch it. Holy S**t. I can totally empathize with these people. Especially when they were a few scenes just before where they show how they love each other and Robb discovers that he is gonna be a father and all. Shucks that really hurt. I had tears when Catelyn cries out to Robb. Couldn’t help it. And I really wanted to throttle that person who killed Robb’s wife.

The ‘dracarys’ scene where Dany burns Astapor, WOW! that was just …I was spellbound in that. What a beautifully executed scene. Just loved it. Boy, this kid Gleeson, damn, he really made me want to kill him, especially in that scene where he is so ecstatic when he learns of Robb’s death. Jeez! I was holding on to my chair so hard that it was paining.

Why the hell is Jaime coming in early ? Wasn’t he supposed to come after the 2nd death ? The scenes between Tyrion and Sansa were sort of cute when compared to the book. I am yet to see the 4th season, so I am not sure how much it is covered. But I think Shae will not be killed by Tyrion the way it is there in the book. And I hope I am right here. Even through the screens I feel like obeying Tywin Lannister, he is so scary as a father even though I am that kid who defies her father’s wishes just to piss him off (not always but sometimes 😉 ) Where is Mance’s wife and kid ? And who is this person as Daario ? Shouldn’t he be a little more butch in appearance according to the books ? After all the rants the only response I got from my friends is that ‘don’t worry Daario is replaced by another actor’, as if that was the most important thing of all. No wonder, lot of them like Jon Snow and Ygritte. They make a very cute pair. I didn’t feel it in the books, but in the scenes in some places, I felt bad for Cersei, even though I cannot forgive her for anything she did. And the actresses is much better than the first season for sure. And I didn’t expect Natalie Dormer for Margery. And she is shown more smarter than she is in the books. And it is obvious that she is gonna play a bigger role later. I remember her from ‘The Tudors’, even though I have seen only a few episodes there.

There were too many changes that came in suddenly and I am still unable to take them all in. I would have to complete the 4th season before they start with the next one. Damn! I never thought I will be this fast in books and in TV series with respect to the Game of Thrones. And then it is gonna be a very long wait. And Winter is already here. Hope it isn’t a long one.