Red moon effect

This image is one of my favorites taken in Goa, of the St Augustine ruins. I liked how the tree formed a natural frame for that ruined building.
I haven’t done much on editing an image for quite some time (haven’t done much of anything for sometime now) so I thought, why not do this as part of my submission to the PhotoRehab participation. So I took the above image, added some tint and focus change using good ol’ Picasa to get a Red Moon effect to make it more eerie. Was I successful?

WPC: Angular

For this week’s photography challenge: Angular

When we were at the view point in Matheran I looked up those stairs and it looked as if there was no end to those.  Can this be the ‘Stairway to heaven’ ?

Stairway to heaven

I love playing around with Sun in my photographs. Here it was shining high and bright and when we were at the Sinhagad Fort, I angled it in such a way so that it would look like the light was coming from those towers.


Even though this old ruined tower looks like it might be the ‘Leaning Tower of Goa’, it actually isn’t. I was just playing around with the views and in one view, it looked a little tilted. Thought it was interesting so clicked it.


Hope I got the meaning of angular correctly.

WPC : Eerie

I am not sure how much eerie these images are, but they do look a little bit haunted.

1-IMG_9296 1-IMG_9245