Star Wars and Shakespeare

Overheard in the school coach this morning.

Kid1: What do you think of Star Wars: Rogue One?

Kid2: It totally sucked.

Kid3: It sucked because everyone in it dies at the end.

Kid2: Yeah, because it was written by Shakespeare.

Kid3: !!!!????

Kid2: Well, everyone dies in any Shakespeare story.

Me: Good Lord!

Finally, got it covered

I am one of those people who have no clue about ‘Star Wars’ 😯 Yeah, yeah… I have read a couple of posts of OM  where he mentions ‘Death Star’ and I guess even Wes did mention it once. All I know of it is , that it is a galactic weapon. I would secretly be glad that it did not belong to this Universe or at least this planet. That name itself isn’t very encouraging is it? But now that with the new Star Wars movie that is playing, and the TV telecasting a whole series of Star Wars movie for the whole day, I was left with no choice to try and see if I can actually get a hang of it. And I already missed the first movie that day on TV. So started with ‘Attack of the clones’ (after reading the gist of the first movie on Wikipedia). I liked it…Or at least I liked that movie. But then I had other work to do and couldn’t sit and watch the whole series for the whole day. And tomorrow I have my tickets booked for the latest Star Wars movie. And I have no clue as to what really happened after the Clone Attacks.

So what did I do this evening ? Nope… not the Wikipedia. They are too scattered for me to follow with too much information. I needed something short and sweet and to let me know that I will understand who the characters are. And shucks man…did that cute kid from Attack of the Clones called Anakin Skywalker become the Darth Vader (even I knew that he was the villain of this series) That is so so sad 😦 Sorry, got side tracked a bit there. Where was I? oh yeah…It is not the Wikipedia that came to my rescue. It was a site called ‘’ (fancy name, that is). So finally, I got the Star Wars series covered with all necessary information that I could get from this lovely article. Han Solo is a rogue pilot ? He isn’t even the main protagonist ? And Harrison Ford is popular for that…Holly Molly! I recently read that this series is worth more than Harry Potter and James Bond combined….Good Lord! I am a fan of HP and GoT as of now and I find it draining as is. Any more series to follow and I will go insane. I guess I will leave Star Wars for all the people who are already with the Force and just be a spectator 🙂