Truth and Story

On Christmas day I heard this story about Truth and Story on RTE Radio 1. I absolutely loved it. Here is a small snippet. You can read the whole story here.

Once upon a time, long ago, in a land far away, two beautiful women named Truth and Story lived on the outskirts of town. Each thought herself the most attractive, so they quarreled until they decided to have a contest: whoever attracted the most attention while walking through the village would be considered the most beautiful.
Truth went first, confident that everyone seeks and wants to know Truth. To her chagrin, people began to turn away. As she reached the far side of the village, only a few people remained. Fearing that she would lose, she threw off her clothing and walked back through the town wearing nothing at all. When the remaining people saw her coming they closed their doors and shuttered their windows. By the time Truth returned to the starting point, in defeat, the village was deserted.

– Truth and Story. (2018). Retrieved from

Detective series in two weeks

It’s been a while since I wrote about the books. Last week, I finished the 4 book detective series called Callahan & McLane Series by Kendra Elliot. The first book gets you hooked into the story line especially the main characters and from there on, you don’t have any other choice other than to go complete them.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I took the Kindle with me to the School and read them during the free hours and also in the Tube. Sometimes during the walk to the Tube too (only in those areas where there weren’t any traffic). Having said that, it was a pity that during the third book you tend to realise that there is a formula to those stories. A pattern to it. It is all based on psychopaths and they target one or the other protagonists. I am OK with patterns as long as the story is gripping and interesting. That is why I finished these so quickly.

After an exhausting week and a half of these books, now I am into some simple and light romance reads. Can’t give up my sleep every week, especially with all the hyperactive kids around me. I need energy to deal with them too 😉

Sing along

My nieces and nephew are here for a week for their vacation and ever since then the only time the TV is switched on is for their benefit and the only channels that get played on and on and on are the Pogo (for Chota Bheem 🙄 ) and iKidsWorld for the Karadi Tales rhymes or stories from Amar Chitra Katha. There is one song which is now the favorite of all three kids.

Have you heard of the stories about a person trying to straighten a dog’s tail ? There are lots of versions of it everywhere eg. Version 1, Version 2. The same is portrayed in a rhyme and it’s fun to watch too. This is being played so much that I have started to remember the lyrics and am singing along with it 😯 I hope that is normal and a natural course of action and I seriously wish that I don’t start humming these songs which I usually do, especially at work.

Auto Stories and Movies

I hardly check my Google+, especially the one that is associated with this blog. I do have my Europe and UK Tour photos uploaded and shared in this account. But I never thought that Google will use them to create something out of it. From the pictures

a) It automatically created a story ‘Trip to Italy and Switzerland’ which contains only the photographs of Italy and Lucerne. I wonder how did it / they actually filter out only the pictures specifically of those places alone from the album ?

b) It created a movie out of the photographs with some good music and my Google name at the beginning. Shucks, now this is where I would have been really happy to see my real name (sigh).
I am not sure how I feel about it, should I be worried that they are able to do these kind of things with the publicly shared pictures ? I tried to search for options to create a story, but nope, no way to do it. You can edit and change the title and stuff but creation of it is not allowed. The movie…where did they pick up the music for that ? Is someone sitting in Google and doing these stuff or are they creating bots to do such things ? Honestly it is a bit scary. But its cool too. Gee, talk about confusing me more when I am already in a state where I just want to go and hibernate for say another 2 years ? It is just one of those weeks. And Google, even though is my friend, does scare me a bit too.