The Tempest

Yesterday evening, while starting for my yoga class, a little later than usual, I got to see this from the terrace. I stood there mesmerized with the image that was displayed in front of me and didn’t move from that place for some time. I really felt good that I had my digital camera with me to capture it.

No wonder I am feeling a little low and down and very sleepy all the time with this kind of weather along with the fact that sometimes work sucks.



PS: One of my friend’s birthday was yesterday, when I wished him again and asked him how his birthday went, his response was ‘Its no big deal. My work is killing me every day; I am born everyday’ (can I use this as my one-liner Wednesday quote ? ) Good to know that there is company with the way I feel about work now.

I had a deal with him that for every such quote he spews, if I happen to use it in my post I will credit it to him with some name, which I forgot. So I am going with the name ‘ailurophile’.