Food Street

I wanted to go this place ‘Food Street‘ or ‘Thindi Bheedi’ (in Kannada) in Bangalore for quite some time (since my friend went and said it was good). So we had planned for a Saturday night outing there. I had told my other friends that I am there only for photographs, but couldn’t resist the hot chats or akki roti or bhajji and ended up committing the sin of gluttony. A few information about this place.

a) Only Vegetarian

b) You can try all kinds of Karnataka style food (variety of idly’s, dosa’s etc) along with chat’s, soda’s and even a couple of chinese stuff.

c) I wish they cordon off the area so as to not allow any vehicles in it. Not only it is unhealthy, it also is big headache for people to move around freely. Not to mention some of the irritating drivers stopping in the middle of the road and trying to eat. Some do pass through it just for the sake of it.

d) Better to have your own water even though they do keep only bottled water and you have a PureIt water filter solution there.

e) There is always something very nice about street food (just make sure you eat only the hot stuff , because if things go wrong you can blame no one else but yourself)

f) It is quite clean enough, but still can be made better.