Hear me Roar!

When I saw the trailer of the Hindi Movie ‘Roar – Tigers of the Sunderbans‘ I wasn’t sure what I felt. The trailer did look good, some desi equivalent of Anaconda except that it is based on Tigers and shot in one of the places I really wanted to visit, The Sunderbans. I don’t know about the story and I don’t think I will be watching it anyways. So I didn’t bother with it. Imagine my surprise when I come across a news article related to this place and the tigers too with the title ‘Tiger snatches woman from boat in India, drags her into forest‘. The tag line says “Royal Bengal tiger grabs wife in its jaws as husband watches helplessly. The couple and a neighbor were fishing for crabs in Sunderbans”. Really ? People, as per the Sunderban’s website

  • Hunting and fishing are strictly prohibited.

The prohibition is there for some reason isn’t. You go there and do exactly the same by sort of invading  the animal’s home and what do you really expect ? He will let you pet him ? Seriously. And this isn’t the first incident and this won’t be the last. Obviously the tigers can’t be taught to not attack anyone invading their place so it is up to the people to leave them alone. And if you don’t, well, your life is in the tiger’s hands and you are the only one to blame.

I am freaking livid

Classified as ‘Serious Rant’.

I am freaking livid after my drive home and I really want to unload my anger.

a) People who cross the road talking over the phone and not bothering or hearing about the vehicles coming their way. Really ? You have already told your folks that you wont be coming home or is it just that you are telling them while crossing the road ?

b) Pedestrians who wait for the green signal to go on to cross. Not the ones for them to walk , but for the vehicles to cross so that they can exactly cross before the vehicles can really reach them. How dumb are you guys ? I can understand if you want to cross the other way, but the same way I am coming on to you , you want to do the daredevilry of crossing my car. Don’t say I didn’t warn you , next time. I am not going to stop.

c) The morons (all gender) driving in the foot path. The people who are standing in the long signal behind the other vehicles look like idiots to you people ? Is it only you who are having work and that you need to be there some where? Foot path is for pedestrians and it is already small. Sometimes I feel like stopping them and asking them to get down and wait in the middle of the traffic.

d) The people who want to take a left turn in the upcoming signal, but since there is a line of vehicles there, they put the right indicator, come on to the right lane and once they near the crossing, put the left indicator and totally get blocked because there are vehicles already going that way before them and they block the rest on the right lane too. And when I honked, he freaking asked me to wait. I felt like hitting him in the bumper and push him ahead and then drive.

e) The pedestrians who don’t walk on the foot path , especially on the smaller roads and I have to honk at them to make them move. Some are so stubborn that they wouldn’t even bother to stop their talking and move a little to the other side. I know the cow that is there in the middle of the road doesn’t understand what I am doing, but you can, can’t you ? And today I bumped a person with the mirror when he didn’t budge at all and once it happened, he looked ‘shocked’. Oh my!

OK, that felt really good.