Acting on an Impulse

I did tell you earlier that I try to be a little artistic , even if I am pathetic. So this is what happened.  Remember the ‘Angel with a Gifting Heart‘ I got for my friend ? Getting up on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I suddenly felt like drawing it. That thought came out of nowhere and I just went with it. I doodle quite a bit and can never draw something out of the blue or creatively but I always try and copy another drawing once in a blue moon, no, make that once in a few years. This is the first time I tried copying an item. And I felt good doing it. image

I knew it!!!

Have you always wondered why we go looking for something sweet like ice creams or pastries or cakes when we are stressed out ? Here is an explanation for you.
Found this in a restaurant called Boca Grande.
Now, I am a little stressed out, what with Sunday almost coming to an end and the 2 week taking-it-slow-at-work thing coming to a close 😥 . I think I remember that I have a small tub of that ‘Mississippi Mud‘ from Baskin Robbins in my freezer and I don’t believe in coincidences 😉 , at least not always.


Sunday – Funday

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Church Street Social

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We met on Sunday to welcome back a friend who moved back to India and the place chosen was Church Street Social. It was planned to be a sort of  brunch and everyone ended up having the famous breakfast from there. It was a very different place in the center of the city, in Church Street, MG Road, the happening place. The look and feel was like being in an sort of abandoned industrial warehouse. I should say eating in the plates (don’t know the names) and drinking in those beakers was a little odd at first. But then it became fun after some time 🙂 The butter was in a glue stick tube. And the menu was in a paper (like the news paper stuff) and stuff like that. It seems like you can even work from there for 5k Rs using their high speed internet and food coupons for the same amount which you can reimburse. That is really a nice idea. They also had this huge projector which was playing songs, just the video. The audio was from a different source. I had the Thai Thali (English breakfast is out for me, because of the non-veg stuff in it) which was very good. Everyone of us liked the food and the place and spent almost 4 hours catching up and just having some fun. Nothing like that to make a Sunday go away fast and make you feel bad about Monday.

Sunday Special

Ever since I got that wine bottle and tasted that ‘mulled wine’ during the Christmas Brunch, I have been waiting for an opportunity to try it at home. Today finally I got to do it because I needed it. It wasn’t that tastier as it was in that brunch, but it was OK according to my cooking standards. I didn’t use sugar as was suggested, but used honey instead, hence the sweet element was a little less. But the spice and the fruits gave that extra flavor. Along with some strawberries and grapes, well, my Sunday special dinner was complete 😀