WPC: Afloat

Fishermen afloat a small boat for their early morning catch in Rameshwaram.


Reusing an already published photograph: Ice cubes floating on a Chocolate Martini.

WPC: Warmth

For this week’s photography challenge (which I think came a little bit early 🙂 ) : Warmth

Doesn’t this sunrise give you a warm feeling just by looking at it ?


Playing with each other, even if it is at the edge of a cliff, just to show off to us, strangers, out there.  I always feel warm (related to emotion of course) seeing this picture, taken in Matheran.IMG_3778

And now, to beat that cold and to keep me warm, I would take that hot brandy, thank you very much.IMG_6946

Pune Trip – Alibagh

Third stop of our trip was to a beach place called Alibagh This was the place that was meant for  beach views , sunsets and some relaxation in the resort by the pool side (where I completed my Red Wedding reading and had that very emotional moment). There are three beaches in these photos and most of them were empty (just how I like them and this time it wasn’t less crowded, it was plain empty), except for the one where we saw some fishermen trying their hands at catching small crabs. Otherwise it was like our private beach. Thanks to my friend, who is nicknamed ‘dog whisperer’ by another friend 😉 ( I really like that name btw) a dog was always with us (its like ‘Wherever he goes, a dog follows’) escorting us the whole time we were there. And by the time we were about to leave the place, it would vanish into the bushes.

We were in need of some relaxation after our little adventure.

Red across the sky

Its official. I am going crazy while I am reading this series (ASOIAF). It is so so hard for me to resist myself from reading about something related to this, just to quench my curiosity. Damn! I just completed my 2nd book (again in a week). I am going to rant a teeny tiny bit here. What a stupid, idiotic, bloody half-wit Theon Greyjoy is. My fingers were itching to smack him hard by the end of the book. OK, I feel a little better. Need to start the next one by Sunday evening or Monday, but am sure to not complete it in a week, because I will be on a vacation (keeping my 20 fingers crossed).

When I was reading about the ‘Red Comet’ which starts occurring in the 2nd book, I remembered a photograph I took in Tossa De Mar, Spain, one fine very early morning while I was trying to capture a sunrise. Could it have looked like this ? I wonder ?


WPC: Extra, Extra

This week’s photo challenge is : Extra, Extra

That extra splash of color during sunrise.


An extra in the scene. I was about to take the picture of the sleeping statue when suddenly this kid came in between and posed for me. She was so happy that I took her picture and as was I. Now I am not sure who the extra is, the kid or the statue 😉


Those extra fast birds. They were wandering here and there and when I was about to focus on the lady and the dog, these birds walked right into the frame even before I could blink.


Busking for some extra income.