Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses – Poompuhar

Part #1: Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu, India


Poompuhar (பூம்புகார்), small and quaint little town in TamilNadu with a history that involves Tsunami and submerged cities. These rocks that guard the entrance (we had to climb over it to go to that small stretch of sand) are mainly for protection (don’t know how much of it helps though). We had been to Kumbakonam in 2008 and during that time we decided to go on a quick trip to this beach. That was my first time to that place and I loved it, even though everyone complained that it strongly smelled of fish (Thank God I can’t smell well). There is also a museum of sorts (which was closed when we were there in the evening) about the history of the place. This place also features in one of my favorite novel of all times, Ponniyin Selvan in Tamil (from which my pseudonym derives its first name Kundhavai). We also did a second visit 2 years later.

It was a family trip and we had a good fun in the beach. Down south there is there saying that since Lord Ram won the seas , built a bridge and crossed them to reach Lanka (now Srilanka) to save his wife from the clutches of Ravan as part of the Epic Story Ramayana, the Sea God would not be happy to be reminded of that. So if we write something like ‘Kadal konda Raman’ (translating to ‘Ram, who won the sea’)  or something similar to that in Malayalam (which my sister in law did) the Sea would make sure to send its waves to erase those words 🙂 Sounds crazy , but it sure is fun to try. So we did try it there. And guess what, it did get washed out. And when we moved towards the rocks and started writing it and still it got washed up, my mom got worried. It could have been mere coincidence or there might have been some truth we don’t know. But she asked us not to try and tempt the sea and cause a Tsunami 🙂 So for the sake of the humankind we gave up our game that day.

Not a clean beach per se, and not maintained well because it is mainly used by fishermen out there, but it has a history and being there felt that I was also a part of that history. Part of a huge dynasty (Chola Dynasty), part of my favorite novel, part of a yesteryear gone inside those huge and rough waves.


PS: Post is part of the series: Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses