Pongal – a Festival of Harvest, is celebrated today in TamilNadu. My folks always keep me updated with all that is happening over there, thanks to a Family WhatsApp group. Even though for the most part I have muted that group and pitch in only once in a while, it still is one that gives me all the latest news over there, including the movie which my brother is going to take his family to. He is the main contributor to the group along with my aunt. My mother and my husband are the viewers (ones who send out a message once a month in that group as a response to someone). Who would have thought that such a thing would exist a couple of years ago? And that my mom would be texting and WhatsApp-ing me? 🙂 Even though I am slightly wary of the technological advances, I do appreciate its effort in bringing the people you love closer to you, even without FaceBook.

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Driverless World


I admit I love driving and giving up that control to a driverless car is a lot scarier for me. But if it helps in the overall improvement of our traffic system and a smooth flow of vehicles around, not to mention lesser accidents, I think I can learn to overcome my fears 🙂


I was telling you recently about how my iPad had some audio troubles and I have almost stopped using it. When I was back from the service center, I got myself thinking. I am able to use my Wii console to watch my Netflix (I have disabled my set top box account so no more TV). People must have had some solutions already available to be able to stream my contents from my iPad to the TV. So I checked out the free apps that are available on the console and saw that YouTube was available. I downloaded it. But it was asking me to login. So I checked online if there was a way and voila! there is was. Its like the Bluetooth pairing. You open the YouTube app on the Wii console, go to the settings and get the pairing code. Open the YouTube app on your phone or iPad, go to the settings and click on the Connect to TV option and enter the pairing code and after that you can use your Wii Console, and in turn your TV, as your screen. I was able to use that and play one of my saved videos for workout. It was cool.
Now, wouldn’t it just be easy to login to my YouTube account on Wii Console and go from there? It would but the keyboard typing is too difficult in that and would take me a long time to get to a YouTube video I am looking for. Using my iPad or my smart phone to type and get the video is quite faster. Now I have to check if I can do the same with my Skype. That would be amazing 😉

Article Reference:  Use Any Smartphone to Remotely Control YouTube on a Computer

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Drone 100

If you like drones or transformers or Intel or art or science or music or just plain creative ideas, you might definitely like this.

SL-WEEK 15 : Communications

Sylvain’s theme for this week is Communications.

Remember when the mobile phones came in, how they were used only for communicating with one another through speech. Now its used for all kinds and modes of communication, speech, text, photographs what not. All in a span of a decade and world seems so much smaller because of those. I still remember having my first Siemens phone which sort of looked like a huge walkie talkie (I think I recently gave that to my niece to play with) and was too heavy to carry around. Now its all about slick design, as much features as possible (even if we don’t use half of them) etc. But one thing for sure I am happy about is its ability to photograph. What an easy way to capture some beautiful moments in life. Quite handy I would say.


Taken in Bali during the Kechak Dance performance in Uluwatu. There was a lady before me who was trying to take pictures through her mobile phone. For some reason, I like taking photographs of people picturing something through there mobile phones 🙂 I have done this a couple of times with my friends. And I was glad that I could get the focus correctly in this even before she was done with her photograph.

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