One whole year of teaching completed successfully and by the look of things that happened on the last day of school, I think I did a pretty decent job. To top it all, I haven’t had a single day off. Granted I got enough holidays during half terms and term breaks but even when I was sick with cold, flu, acute sinus and other such common ailments, I managed to go and teach. I didn’t feel like sitting at home and nursing myself back to health.

I loved going to work and enjoyed all the chaos and confusions and the frustrations that came along with it. Some kids made it worth the while and that is all that mattered. I wasn’t there to change the life of those kids, neither was I there to ensure that they are well equipped to take over the ever-digitizing world, all I wanted to ensure was they know the myths and the facts of the world of computer science and make the decisions for themselves.

Given the range of “Thank You” cards (and loads of chocolate), I have received I guess I did make a teeny tiny impact ūüėČ My trick of playing some annoying subject related rap-songs (especially in Maths) might have something to do with it too ūüėÄ It felt so good to hear from those leaving the school to pursue their education elsewhere that they were going to miss my lessons and miss arguing with me about the various technologies. Even though I wasn’t there to witness it, I was told that some of those kids thanked me during their graduation ceremony. It was so sweet of them. In return, I learnt the “floss dance” and did it along with them on the last day ūüėČ

All in all, it was a very well spent and very satisfying year. I hope this continues for as long as I am teaching and I plan on teaching for a long time. thankyouteacher.jpg


Until recently, I did not know that there existed a word called “Staycation“.

ste…™ňąke…™ É(…ô)n/


  1. a holiday spent in one’s home country¬†than¬†abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

I learnt it at the school. Everyone (almost)¬†have¬†plans to go somewhere the day the school term ends. Names of places (mostly countries)¬†were exchanged¬†among¬†the teachers and students. When some of us said that we weren’t¬†going anywhere out of this country for this break, we¬†were told that we were¬†having a¬†staycation instead of a vacation. I hope they are calling the holidays spent in a different part of the home country as vacation instead of¬†staycation. If it is not, then it is rather rude.

Spending the holidays at home enjoying and not travelling long distance could be called a¬†staycation. I am OK with that…(which is what I might be doing this term break)¬†Staycation or vacation, I am planning to enjoy the break with some fun and learning and lots of much-needed rest. Oh! The Game of Thrones is gonna be there to give me company…Yay!!!