I am a Cat!

Do you like taking small quizzes ? If yes, then you should try this one.


The description goes like this

In under five minutes, discover:

  • your strengths and what makes you tick
  • what you’re like as a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • which celebrities share your personality type

There are 16 possible results, each connected to an animal.

Which animal are you?

Here is my result


I ended up being that animal which doesn’t like me particularly and I am not sure where I stand with a cat. So far, it has always been a tussle with the cats in my life.


These are close to accurate, which is quite surprising because, some time back when I took the Myers-Briggs Test, it showed me as ISFJ. Wonder what changed over the years.

Full or Empty

When I am slightly bored and in between work for the short breaks, I keep messing around to do things that are little fun and at least slightly interesting. I got this link where we can do an Optimism Test to check out level of Optimism/Pessimism. I tried it out and below is the result.

KG’s Optimism/Pessimism Report:
Optimism: 67
Pessimism: 58
You mostly believe that the future holds positive opportunities with successful outcomes (Yup, totally!) . This means that you most likely have good stress coping strategies (100% correct), motivation (hmm.. not always) and persistence (One of the best points actually). You do sometimes view the world as a place of bad experiences and events (Oh! the things I had to go through, obviously I would), at these times you are unlikely to invest much trust or faith in the belief that things will turn out OK (Yes, very much and that is why I ain’t looking for it) .

Wanna try and share?  Or would you rather say