TGIF – not yet…

Today is one of those days when I needed a extra cup of ultra strong South Indian Filter Coffee to start my official day.


It is not a TGIF for me, at least not yet. After a lackluster night, the early morning cup of Indian Masala Chai didn’t wake me up. So I had to get my coffee fix in office while I am waiting for people to start the conference. I don’t like it when people schedule these demos and conference calls at the last minute, especially on a Friday. Don’t these people have a life? or know what it means to reach Friday after jogging through the whole week? I am just waiting for the day to get over. God, give me strength.



One of the songs we use for our warmup during our Zumba class. I absolutely love this song. I think it is apt to start the weekend (and I sometimes think that the weekend should start on a Friday and this is one of those days I wish it did 😉 ) with this song.


While driving to office, I saw a car with the sticker on its side saying ‘Feel my love’. I was half tempted to go close and touch it with my car (aka scratch it) oh-so-lightly to see if there would be sparks between the cars…didn’t know that the devil on the left shoulder was a little dominant today than the angel on my right 😉

I get these kind of thoughts when I see such lines on the cars. The other one that really gets me worked up is ‘Catch me if you can’. Nothing like that line to actually make me rev up my engine and race the car and go to the front stop them and tell them…hell yeah!

I guess the fact that it is Friday today and I am leaving home to be with the kiddos over the weekend has got me all excited. I might not be joining any of the usual challenges (weekly photo/SoCS) this week. Before I leave, here is a song that has been playing in my head all this week (and thanks to my friend who did it as a Zumba number too and now I can even dance to it 😉 )

Have a great weekend y’all!

Feeling Better

Just what the song says….. ‘never been better’ (this may or may not have something to do with the tattoo and the fact that today is Friday!!!!) 😉

I’m still on my feet
The world can’t knock me down
‘Cause I won’t take defeat
I’m still chasing the crowd
But I’m still around
Look who’s winning now


I’m never giving up
No such thing as enough
I keep on winning
Just beginning to get all that I want
Nothing can hold me back
‘Cause I’m not made for that
I’m always good but I’ve been better lately

My excuse for today is….

excuse list

I ain’t picking anything from the official list but if I need an excuse for lagging behind in my work today then it would be

‘It’s Freakin’ Friday’