Show it short and sweet!!!

Irrespective of the format, whether its a 200-500+ paged book or a 2:30 hr movie or a short film of < 5 mins, a love story is always pleasant to read, hear or watch. But among all the three formats, the last one, short films, is the trickiest, according to me. To deliver a punch in such a short span of time requires more creativity. Here is a list of such movies I got to watch recently.

Oktapodi (English) : A short film about love and action. Its very very cute. Even in 2:26 minutes you can show and tell so much of action? Wow… The two octopus are just too cute. – The best of the lot. I was dumbstruck after watching this for some time…. very good job 😀

The Lonely Bachelor:  Story about an unrequited love and how he turns from a lonely bachelor to a lover.