SoCS: Up from out of in under there!

Under the weather is what I am feeling like (is that a proper grammatical sentence ?) , what with the work consuming most of my time without breaks, holidays, weekends. And I am starting to get pissed off with my manager(s). And this is not something new. This happens every year during this time when some project has to be completed in a short interval and with less resources and you gotta do it all on your own. And my inability to say ‘no’ most of the times or at the times when it is required, also adds more pressure. How can I say ‘no’ to a newbie who wants some help understanding something in the product even though that takes away some of my precious work time. Some one has to guide them to really get them going isn’t. And somehow every one else is OK ignoring them or saying no to them. Why can’t I ever do that I wonder ! Right now because of all this, as always, I feel like I am not up to continuing with this job for too long and I have been saying this year after year for almost 16 years now. This too shall pass and I will just go on. But for how long ? I am not sure. OK, enough of my work based rant. At least I have my new camera to play with and to give me a break from time to time. Before I sign off, let me end this post with something funny (I hope it is)

Brent LeRoy: I’m not up on that new stuff.
Wanda Dollard: You’re not up on it? Or you’re not into it?
Brent LeRoy: I might be into it, if I was up on it. But I’m not up on it, so I’m not into it. What I’m into, I’m up on.
Lacey Burrows: I’m mostly into what I’m up on, but even though I’m not up on the new stuff, I’m sort of into it.
Brent LeRoy: I’m down with that.
Wanda Dollard: Prepositions are fun, aren’t they?
Brent LeRoy: What’s a preposition?
(Brent Butt, Nancy Robertson, and Gabrielle Miller in Corner Gas, 2005)

PS: The title is based on Morris Bishop’s witty poem ‘The Naughty Preposition’

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. 

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: start with a preposition. That’s it! Have fun!


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