The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie – Cute, Clever and Chemical

I picked up ‘The Sweetness at the bottom of the pie‘ because I wanted to read a thriller today and I liked it premise. I won’t go into the story here and spoil it for you 🙂 So no spoiler alert.

This is a detective novel in which the heroine is a 11 year old girl with a strong penchant for Chemistry and all things Poison. Thank God I don’t have a younger sister like Flavia de Luce. I shiver even at the thought of it. Irrespective of how clever she is and all that, she is still the youngest sister , all bullied by her elders in a different girlish ways of course, and the retorts and revenges she plans 🙂 …. Oooh!!! It is a little disconcerting when you read about a 11 year old doing all these things but then you also think ‘why not!!!’. I might read the series eventually one by one because I am now her fan 😉

Being a smart, confident, chemically competent gives you an edge I think, not to mention her keen sense of hearing and observation and analysis too. The way she rebuilds the whole events one by one. As I said the only thing that was putting me off track at times was how she was having her way and how no one seemed to realize that she is too much out by herself most of the time and no one seems to notice it at all.

But nevertheless it was a good read , a very good one in fact where I had bitten all my nails on both the fingers (taking turns) and managed to takes as much less time to cook minimal food for myself on this Sunday, just so I don’t carry this story over to the next week. I can’t handle that kind of anticipation. It brings a different setting of British landscape, of that of 1950’s, which was very interesting. There is a interview with the author at the end which is also very interesting.

A good and interesting Sunday read.