The Wolf of Wall Street – Mixed feelings

Its 15 mins to Sunday and here I am, after watching the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and a sumptuous dinner (a friend’s birthday treat of course !!). I just cannot sleep unless I let out how I feel about this movie.

This was a movie,which after watching the trailer I told my friend that I would join if they planned to see it in theater. What is it with people making more than 2.30 hrs movie. Its a three hour movie for Gods sake. And let me tell you upfront, it could have been much better with some editing done. Really. I am not going into the story line here, because its sort of lengthy and you can get it in Wikipedia anyways. Every line, every single line has a curse word. My friend said that there are as many as 700 curse words in this movie. The last one I saw which had so much of those was ‘Pulp Fiction’ (or may be I don’t remember any other movie with so much curse words which made an impact on me to remember it). My god, after the movie, my ears were still ringing with them. Not that I am not used to it. I do read a lot of novels which has them in excess, but to hear it in every line and with very appropriate gestures to accompany it, well I should say I was a little abashed. Matthew McConaughey looked so old. Oh God… He looked OK in Mud though. Of course Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t look any younger, but still. Story wise, I thought it had a similar premise to ‘Catch me if you can’, also played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The first half was too far stretched with too many unnecessary scenes. I am not sure how much they have adapted from the novel, but it looked like they tried to use as much as they can. As of acting is concerned Leonardo DiCaprio has done his job very well. Be it the angst person, the addicted guy, the jolly good person, one trying to sell you BS, he just fits the role. Dialogues in many places are very catchy. Of course this movie is not about the chase by FBI but more about the life of Jordan Belfort and that is where it differs from ‘Catch me if you can’. Jonah Hill, now that guy, you don’t know if he is stupid or manipulative. He is the main reason that net around Jordan tightens.

I liked the songs and the background score. But why is Hollywood using those songs more and more ? After watching the movie, I really felt very good that I did not do any investments in my life in Stock market. I am no good in speculation and can never trust a broker that easily. This movie sort of puts us off from using those markets. It also teaches you some nitty gritties of the stock market for us beginners. I love ‘The Departed’ and ‘Shutter Island’ was a very decent thriller (and kept me at the edge of my sofa). This one, I wasn’t sure if I should like it or hate it. It had its good moments but was very lengthy too.