“Nothing is completely wrong, even a broken clock is right twice a day.”
― Paulo Coelho

5P’s of SoCS

Ever since I lost my pet (a dog) to pneumonia long time ago, I have vowed not to have any more pets in life. I was with him in his last moments and that still hurts.

Now that summer is officially here, my mom makes sure that there is always water in the earthern pot used only during this time. A natural refrigerator.

It’s been a while since I have been home with my nieces. I forgot how much my second niece’s pat‘s hurts. She apparently puts all her energy into it.

Sometimes I feel that I am pitted against time and I am losing the battle.

I am putting in as much effort as is possible to accomplish my plans for the near future and I know life isn’t fair but I am still hoping for the best.

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “pat/pet/pit/pot/put.”  Use any, use all or have fun with words that contain them!

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Two years and counting

How quickly the time flies. It feels like I just started and I am here in WordPress, now with two years behind me. Two years already? Phew! I have been very happy, if we can exclude the latest issue with the pingbacks and all. I tried and couldn’t hold my interest in any other social media (I haven’t tried Facebook yet, and even thinking of it feels like a lot of work) or may be I am just a one-(social)media woman. When compared to my blogspot, where I didn’t make any external connections, I have made considerable amount of connections here in WP (that amount not being too many, but still very considerable considering my ability to do so – shucks…did that come out right ? ). I like it here. I am comfortable being here. I am more ‘me’ even though I blog with a mask, but that is just to hide my face and not my character. I don’t say some of the atrocious things I say in real life, and I have no clue why I do that, may be I have the verbal diarrhea which is controlled because typing takes more time than speaking them and also may be I can edit it later. I have become more accepting and understanding about a lot of things and also know what I am actually capable of. And my grammar really sucks. But inspite of all that, being accepted and appreciated has also made me a little more confident in myself. So its a win-win. (Yes those ‘visits’, ‘likes’, ‘comments’ makes me really very happy 🙂 ) And with the blogs I follow, which are varied in their content, I always find my daily dose of fun, encouragement, information, awe, smile and news. Thank you all for the visits, the encouragement, the friends I have made here, my friends who have finally made it here, the posts that make me think, to feel, to analyze, to laugh, to those silent readers, the regular visitors, to all those who have helped me directly and indirectly, each and every one of you who land here in my small small world, welcome and thank you for giving my blog a chance.


Thank you!


SoCS: My My Time Flies

My My Time Flies and we are already racing towards the end of August. Time sure is running so fast. And this post for the ‘Saturday’ prompt is coming in so late 🙂 Suddenly I feel that I don’t have enough time to balance my hobby with my work.  While being with the kids even with whatever time I could spend with them, I wonder where the time went by. Suddenly they are talking all big talk (at least bigger than what I thought they would talk now). I still remember the time when I held my first niece in my hands and she was that tiny. Now she is all grown up (4+ years) to talk about road safety and how people can get killed if they are not careful while crossing the road. We went to a book shop to get her some books for leisure reading. When we were carrying almost 7-8 books (small one’s only) I asked her if she needs my help to carry them to the billing section. She replied ‘Aunt, don’t you see how big I have become ? I am getting bigger. I can carry them, don’t worry’. I wanted to make her talk a little more so I asked her ‘Are you sure dear? You still look so small’. She was pissed off a bit and said ‘You just don’t see it. I am big. So let us just go to the billing section’ 😀

Where did the time go and why does it go so fast. I feel like this small girl in this video who doesn’t want her little brother to grow old.

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “time.”

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