Oh dear!

It was just yesterday evening while on our way back from the Science Museum we were discussing how quirky and busy the Camden market always seems. There is never a dull moment there. We started our canal walk from there last weekend. It is just a 10 min walk from our flat. It was a shock to hear that in the early morning hours there has been a fire there which has almost burnt the whole thing down. Wonder what is with all these fires recently. It is hot, very hot actually, the summer finally showing its full intensity. But not that hot to start all these fires. Wonder what was the cause here. At least there hasn’t been any casualties. Fingers crossed. I kind of liked that place with its shops that sold quirky products. Mr M brought me a bracelet last year during our first visit. It was always crowded since it was one of the very popular tourist attraction. That place won’t be the same without that crowded yet popular market 😦