Wordless Wednesday 



“One must be a sea, to receive a polluted stream without becoming impure.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Architecture

In the center of the city of Brighton, you will see a huge and prominent building called Royal Pavilion, which once served as a Military hospital for Indians during the First World War. When I saw I was reminded of the Golconda Fort and other Mughal Palaces in India, the ones I have been were in Hyderabad. This Royal Pavilion has a Mughal and Islamic Architectural elements to it and is very evident from its exterior. My friend told me that the place is ornate, but I wasn’t interested to see it that day. Perhaps next time. The exterior was designed by John Nash, a British architect.


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Remembering the Unidentified

In Cobh (County of Cork, Ireland), there was a board which listed the names of those people who were in RMS Lusitania ship and who were washed ashore (both Victims and Survivors) on 7th May 1915. Most of them were dedicated to a specific person. But I found this one where it paid tribute to those unidentified number of passengers who died during the ship attack. I thought it was a very nice gesture and was glad to have found that. Those who were unidentified should be remembered too.

It has started

Last week I was talking about how London doesn’t seem to have too many signs as of yet about the EU Referendum and such. Looks like it is getting hotter by the day (and I am definitely not talking about the weather here. It is still cold and I swear that I saw it in the news that there will be heat waves. I am wondering when will that be. Probably after I leave London this weekend). I have started to see posters on people’s windows (saw one more on my way back closer to where I am staying) and some plays and events related to the same. Here is one I caught on my phone. It is on the Drummond Street corner. In case you wanna attend it 🙂

I wish all people who are voting ‘Good Luck’ and may you make the right choice.