Harry Potter Walking Tour

During my week long vacation in London, the first thing that we did was to do that Harry Potter Walking tour that I had missed three years ago.
We took Muggle Tours walking tour and our guide was Mr. Lockhart (I swear that it is his true name) who was amazing and hilarious. I was hoping that my friend who is currently in his 6th book might be spared from any spoilers. I did spoil Dumbledore’s death for him long ago. But thankfully it was OK. We went through some of the spots where the movie was shot and the guide told us so many tidbits and inside information not just about Harry Potter but also about London and the places we were going. It also included a Tube journey from London Bridge to West Minister and the whole tour was about 2.5 hours. It was so much fun. We had some quizzes on the way. If you are a HP fan, you should take at least one of these just for fun of going out and about where the movie was shot.

Where Leaky Cauldron was located.
Can you see the Knights bus dashing down? Nope… You are a muggle then.
The bridge where the Wizards keep flying over and about
New Scotland Yard location where Ron and Harry sneak into the Ministry
Cecil Court Street – Apparently the place that inspired JKR for Diagon Alley. The Watkins Books is a very old book shop.

2015 – A travel flashback

YouTube already published its ‘YouTube Rewind‘ (and for the record, I wasn’t very impressed with it, at least when compared to last year’s) and then there was Facebook’s ‘2015 Year in Review‘.

DJ Earworm has the 2015 mashup already ready. Daniel Kim’s part 1  and part 2 videos are ready.

And then I was wondering what am I actually waiting for ? Why don’t I start with the compilation of my travel photographs for this year. I tried making a video using Stupeflix , but for some reason, it didn’t come out well. So I just reverted back to the slideshow version of the photographs here, which showcases the photograph in a better resolution. Got around to selecting 30 photographs from I-dont-know-how-many photographs I took over the year. Jeez, it isn’t easy at all, to pick and choose a couple of them to represent a place you have been to. But then here they are. Let me know what you think.

Now, this truly makes me feel that we are almost too close to the end of this year.  Can’t wait for the new year , which brings with it more opportunities to travel to possibly new places and to click more and better photographs 🙂

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Granada – Spain

In Granada, the whole day which we had scheduled went in for the visit of Alhambra, a fortress and a Palace. By the time we were done and we returned it was time for our train to Barcelona.

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