My attempt @ SoCS Badge Design

As many of you know, I take part in the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt conducted by Linda and try my level best at writing something interesting and fun. So, there came a requirement for a badge for the same. That got me thinking. How do I represent the ‘stream of consciousness’. There were quite a few photographs that came to my mind which I could use to represent it. But they were sort of like assigning pictures to the words literally. With the experience I have had with the prompts and the responses to it, I felt that it is nothing short of a treasure chest and hence decided to showcase the same. Especially for the readers who get a varied set of responses for a single prompt. So I took this photograph of my personal treasure chest 😉 and even though there was something else I wanted to try, I think that would take more time because I am not sure if that is possible with the tools (free ones) I have.

So here we go: My response to the SoCS badge design.



Personal Treasures

I did post one entry for Treasure, but today while rummaging my items, I got a few more. These are more personal. So here they are.

I already mentioned earlier how I loved to write good quotes or poems (while studying) in a diary. I hardly do that anymore. But I have treasured that diary for so long. It tells me of times bygone.


My sister  is a person who is overtly affectionate to everyone and is always sending cards and letters and being close to her, I  can always expect a card for every occasion, birthday, sister’s day, friendship day, you name it 🙂 I used to mock her that the card industry is thriving on people like her. This one was given to me when I was about to go away for my first job. I have safeguarded those cards and letters safely. A treasure, they are for sure.


This one is a treasure chest that I got for myself because I loved the design, its got a secret lock actually. I am fond of such small arts stuff.