A Country Song in a Picture

Seeing all those singers in a hat (what is it called anyway ?) stringing their guitars during a re-run of the Grammy’s gave me this idea with the few props I had.

Props used:

a) Tripod

b) A Stole  (I didn’t get this name for so long even when I had one in my possession)

c) A Hat (whatever named hat that is.. I simply call it a cowboy hat and that is one of my vain possessions, doesn’t matter that I look terrible wearing it. I love having one)

d) Guitar

Now you tell me if my ‘vision’ was crazy or nice 😉 (I am planning to stop harassing the stuff at home if you think this is bordering on insanity or its just plain crazy 😀 )



If you want a little help to visualize it, may I suggest this song? (which inspired me actually)