A Song From the Heart

A Song from the Heart was my film for today, again by coincidence, a movie about a disability. The leading lady is a blind cello player who is working as a teacher in an institute. There comes an ex student and a popular musician to record a song. Marianne and Gregory get on a wrong track but then get along and eventually fall in love along with creating music in the process. Gregory gets his inspiration from Marianne who is a much better musician among the two. Oliver and his daughter who live in the house above Marianne’s have a soft spot for her but doesn’t do anything about it attributing it to better friendship, much to the chagrin of his daughter. Gregory inspires her to undergo another transplant which becomes successful and now Marianne sees the real love, and no surprise who it is she ends up with.

Another TV movie which is a pleasant watch. Sometimes people with eye sight fail to see what is in front of us. There is a dialogue where she says that she doesn’t have the distractions of the eye sight because she has to hang on to each word. If only we can listen like that, lot of our problems related to communication will be solved. It also tells us that we don’t need eyesight to find true love. All we need is a song from the heart.