Missing photographs

In the early days of my blogging in WP, I had used high res photographs which took up all of my free space. I ended up buying 10GB for 20$ a year to keep them up. I don’t think that to be a wise option anymore. So I stopped the renewal this year and have deleted those (as much as I could) photographs from my media library in order to allow me to upload low-res photographs. That means there would be some very old posts that would have missing photographs in them. I might have to do some cleanup of those posts, but I don’t have the time and energy at this moment to do it. I might do some over the long Christmas break if I am inclined to do so.

I am also trying to take a backup of this website. I have been here since 2013 and there are so many posts to download. I started the download yesterday and I am sure it will take me another whole day and a half to get that done. Changes are imminent, but when is the question. Until then, I am going to take one day at a time and do what I can do.

The flying class

Having traveled just recently, the only thing that came to my mind when I read the prompt was ‘First Class’. I love flying. When the flight charges were very very cheap and the domestic airport was inside the city, I used to fly to my home town very frequently. Used those airplanes like a bus. The international flights are a different thing. I so want to fly in a A380 once. And if possible in First Class. Don’t you think it is not nice of those people who make us walk through the First Class and Business Class to reach the Economy Class seats in the flights? In most cases, the social order is the other way round isn’t? Or at least they should let the economy people go through a different entrance 😦 I usually end up wondering how it would be to stretch my leg in a first / business class, after my 8th hour into the flight. And the other worse part is, a day before you checkin, you see an email that I could get an upgrade to either of those unreachable classes. When you click those emails and read them, it will be for the connecting flight which has the least travel time (in my case it is min of 1 hour to max of 4 hours, whereas the rest of the journey would be 10 hrs to 21 hours depending on my destination) and that too for an abominable amount. I always delete those email after cursing them for a couple of minutes. One day, lady luck will smile on me or may be I will end up spending my hard earned money, to experience the pleasures of a First / Business class, just once. Knowing me, I would end up feeling a lot guilty throughout the flight for spending my money on a few hours of comfort.

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