I thought I am a vegetarian

When people ask me if I am a vegetarian, I simply say yes, because saying something like  ‘I don’t eat egg as in like an Omelette or boiled format and stuff, where I can see the eggs but wouldn’t mind if it was mixed in the food like pancakes, pastries, cakes etc’ is a little too much isn’t?. And also I don’t have problems with my food cooked in the same container used for cooking any food that contains meat. And that is important here in my place because some of them (inclusive of my distant family members) are very orthodox and would never go to any restaurant which serves non-veg food. So explaining someone of my choices of food is a little tricky and hence the option to go with ‘Vegetarian’. But I found myself having a very hard time during my last year’s Spain tour, because there, every place we went, I had to make sure to include the lines ‘sin tuna, sin huevo’ (no Tuna and no eggs) because even a vegetarian salad comes with both. And so I survived on stuff made of potatoes, pastries (yeah, it has eggs in an indirect way) , veg paella and salads. No wonder I lost 3-4 kgs by the end of the trip.

My food contains mostly of carbs, diary products etc and when I was recently diagnosed with fatty liver, a friend suggested that I try the low carb high fat diet. The word diet by itself is enough to put me off from trying it. But I was convinced enough to make sure that my daily intake has increased fat and protein and reduced carbs. And I wanted to start with eggs. My siblings are very fond of it and even though my mom doesn’t eat eggs, she did make sure to make them for my brother and my sister while growing up. I was the only one who avoided it, because it was rather too late for me to even start. So last month I decided that I have to try and start eating eggs and see how it goes, not actually shifting to become a non-vegetarian per se, but eggs would help especially in my travels sometimes. And since last week, I have officially started eating omelettes. Yay!!! and haven’t felt like puking 😀 and that is a big thing for me. I had to mentally prepare myself for almost 2-3 weeks convincing myself of all the varieties of dishes I could get in the restaurants we go for our dinner post workout. Till now, I had to go only with salads or sandwiches (and I ain’t a great fan of bread as such) but now suddenly I have a whole varieties of omelettes and other veg options even without the meat or fish included.

I don’t think I can stomach anything else, like chicken , fish, meat etc…(even though my friends think that it all starts with eggs 😉 ) and I think I might end up getting nightmares, even though I don’t mind others having them (all of my friends except 2 are hard core non-vegetarians and those two eat eggs anyways) Now, I am not sure what kind of vegetarian I am! Am I still a vegetarian at all?

Dark Horse – A variety in rendition

You must have heard the ‘Dark Horse’ song by Katy Perry and Juicy J. I sort of like it when I hear it. But I think the video was too badly choreographed. I am not sure if they wanted to try humor/sarcasm/whatever, but didn’t work for me.

Here is the original song and video, if you haven’t listened you might want to do that before you see the other video 😉

Now this video was shared by my friend and it was totally AWESOME. To really get that whole 20 varieties going perfectly fine for a song and to not miss it. I am not sure how many tries this artist must have had to get it to perfection. But totally appreciable.