Movies of the week

Finding Dory

It did not have the same charm as Finding Nemo. With the kind of promotion that went into it I thought it would be better than that. And I was never once emotional in that whole movie. It sure did have a message and all. But something that would connect me to Dory was missing. It also felt like the movie went too fast. Of course, as fishes they would move fast, but still, it felt very hurried. The kids might enjoy it.

Independence Day – Resurrgence

I had vowed that I wouldn’t go to this movie when I saw the trailer last year sometime. But since it was a team event and everyone voted for this one (I voted for Tarzan 😦 ) my option was ruled out. It was on IMAX 3D. I did not have any expectation and I went with the sole purpose of making fun of the scenes and having fun. Inspite of me not being a fan of Liam Hemsworth (I loved Chris Hemsworth in the short clip which was part of the trailer of Ghostbusters) I was the only one in the theater who was clapping when he came up on screen. And that wasn’t even a grand entrance. 🙄 I liked the other guy, who was with him, but he looked way too young. If you don’t use logic or any other part of your brain other than the one associated with sight and sound then you would be OK with it. CGI were cool. Why do we have ugly aliens all the time? Why can aliens be cute and good looking? And I seriously hope that they don’t take any more sequels. I am not sure if Earth is ready for it, but I am pretty sure the audience wouldn’t be. No wonder Finding Dory was more popular in box office than this movie.


Our phones are now equipped with an option to take panorama shots. But I have never got one decent panorama yet. If there were people involved, then for sure their noses were realigned or they appear longer and in the case of places, I do shake it a bit somewhere. I have got a few but they weren’t angled properly. I might post a few of my trials later. But for this week’s theme from Sylvain, I am going with a panoramic view of the Hampi’s Virupaksha temple (I posted another one slightly similar to this earlier) along with the surrounding landscape and a sunset. This is my most favorite photograph of the whole trip because we had to climb half way through the hill from where the photograph was taken   (after a very tiring and hot day) and wait for the Sunset to happen but finally, the effort was totally worth it.

The Imitation Game

Benedict Cumberbatch playing Alan Turing – What is not there to watch ? So yes, obviously I went for that movie ‘The Imitation Game‘ as this week’s Saturday entertainment. When the movie started, and Benedict is shown sitting in that chair, I became a little bit too enthusiastic and clapped and whooped, much to the embarrassment of my friend and eventually myself, because I was the only one who did that 😳 But then that was just for a sec. Dumb audience I say. It is based on a true story, story about Alan Turing and how he and his fellow mathematicians helped during the World War by breaking the code for Enigma and later the same nation punished him for being gay, which they say eventually led to his death (either by suicide or the impact of the treatments they gave him according to the credits). The movie’s greatest plus according to me was the dialogues. They were so humorous and fun and also very deep in most places.  All the actors have done an amazing job, but Benedict truly makes you feel, makes you laugh with his one-liners, makes your heart beat a little faster when he is almost close to the solution, almost makes you cry when he suffering the after effects of his medication to cure his homosexuality etc. But I think the kid who played the young Alan Turing also did a wonderful job, especially in the scene where the headmaster talks to him about Christopher. That kid with the stoic face was amazing. The movie isn’t linear. It goes back and forth between his childhood, his time during the war and his current state where he is arrested for his sexuality. I just loved the movie. If not for anything or anyone, watch it for the amazing performance by Benedict and the wonderful dialogues.


2013-03-30 14.38.36


“For everything you have missed, you have gained something. For everything you gain, you have lost something else. It is about your outlook towards life. You either regret or rejoice.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson