Issues, Solutions, Views

Issue: A lot of voting frauds and hacks happening.

Solution:Let’s all go the old-fashioned paper ballots.

My view: I totally agree. I never liked those electronic voting machines anyway.

Issue: People with black money are depriving the nation of its growth

Solution: Let’s start using the old method of lesser denomination notes and coins.

My view: Either go cash-less or go coin-full 😉  I am going cashless btw.

Issue: Sitting and working for long hours is not good for health.

Solution: Either get a tall table to stand and work or a small table to squat and work.

My view: Standing sounds better than squatting. Squats for workouts is tiring enough as is.

Issue: Pollution is causing breathing problems for people (especially in Delhi)

Solution: Start cycling or horse riding

My view: Horses are not that easily available and there isn’t enough fodder to feed them anyways. So let’s go with a cycle for now. That makes me fondly remember my cycle which was brutally murdered and parts were stolen.

Issue: Modern agricultural methods are harmful to the soil and the food cultivated isn’t healthy enough.

Solution: Go to organic farm methods or old age manual / mechanical methods with organic pesticides and manure

My view: As long as it is not the pills that I have to eat to sustain myself, I am ready to work on a farm to earn my food, if it comes to that.

I guess 5 is enough for today. I am already tired for the day. Rest will come later sometime or may be never 😉

Voices: Change and progress not always the same thing

My two cents on the Voices series by Glenn.

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Editor’s note: I once had a couple of million regular readers, but I sense those numbers are down by a few hundred thousand, thanks in part to my recent stream of politically charged material. I just can’t seem to help myself, so I’ve decided to seek some outside assistance. Voices is a new occasional series in which Americans express their feelings in the wake of the presidential election and what many perceive to be a drastic change in course for America, and not for the better. Today, we’re again stepping outside America, this time to India.


I am not sure how many of you know me, but I am an Indian woman, currently residing in Bangalore, who isn’t very much interested in the statistics of politics, but definitely interested in the impact it has on the common man. In India we follow a parliamentary democracy, and for…

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Close to home

Recently I saw a movie and read a book which involved incidents much close to home (mine at least). Let me start with the movie

Pink (Hindi) – My friend and I went for this movie. It was a total cry fest for her. I managed to hold it until the very end and the last scene where a lady constable shakes the hand of the lawyer appreciating him silently for stating the obvious and standing up for all the women, I lost it. This movie is very much appreciated by all. I am sure the scenes could have been done a bit better. Sometimes it felt like there was too much silence to increase the dramatics which wasn’t really necessary in this movie. The dialogues are the best. It also shows clearly how women are treated in this society (may be in many societies) It also introduces us to some of the unknown legal terms like Zero FIR. It is a must watch for all. I know some of my colleagues who have the same mentality as the guys in this movie. I wish they would watch this movie.

Exhume (Dr. Schwartzman #1) – One of the Kindle Unlimited discoveries. A women who escapes an abusive relationship and becomes a forensic expert is given a body to examine and that throws her off badly because it looks just like her. When she thought she was far away from her narcissistic husband apart from his occasional flowers and cryptic messages, here is a proof that things are getting much darker for her. Is she just imagining the relationship between this girl’s death and her husband’s involvement in it or has he really gone to an extreme to kill someone to threaten her. This story follows Annabelle and her quest to be free from her abusive husband who is not ready to leave her be. It was quite gripping and are left to wonder along with Annabelle if it is indeed her husband or is it just coincidence. As always in such cases, there are some good friends of hers who come to her rescue. Gave 4 stars in Goodreads.


Getting back to the groove…slowly

It has been a while since I posted (close to two weeks now to be precise) except for those two odd photo posts this week 🙂 Life has been as chaotic and peaceful as it can be. Peaceful at home, Chaotic outside. Perfect balance 😉 Since I am getting back to the blogging groove slowly (work starts only next week! yay!!!) here are some interesting news and events that happened.

The city I live in, Bangalore, had some interesting turn of events of late, mostly related to water sharing and violence, spoiling a lot of my plans for the two week, but eventually we figured our way around those events, as we all usually do, even though they weren’t very ideal. But at least we and all the people we know were safe. That counts a lot. Also got to show my non-Indian close friend how curfew over here looks like at least in this part of the town where we live. 🙂  He takes away with him some very interesting experiences. I hate that this happens every year and people aren’t ready to sit and find an ideal solution. Everyone want their piece of 15 min of fame and a lot of political gain through these situations when common men and women suffer (farmer or not).

Did a small trek in Munnar (was on a day trip there) which was interesting. Will share some photographs later. Witnessed a nasty monkey fight for the first time.  Now, I am very much convinced that we evolved from them. (See above paragraph for more references 🙂 )

Imagine my surprise with all that star signs and Zodiac changing news that came up in between all these. My friend (who knows astrology, mostly Indian, but he does know the difference between western and indian too) always insisted that I am more of an Aries than a Taurean because according to my birth chart (Indian astrological) my Sun is in Aries (or otherwise called as Mesha) and my moon in Virgo (or otherwise called as Kanni) and I would always disagree with him because I feel more like a Taurus than a Aries. And guess what, the new news tells me that my Sun sign is Aries. Now I would have to agree with him. Good Lord! I ain’t changing my tattoo. I feel like a Taurus than an Aries. And I stick by it. And I don’t like the name Ophiuchus. Can’t they have used a nicer one ?

Losing a baggage because of delayed flight, missed interconnected flights etc is not a good experience. Even though I haven’t been there, I got the first class view of the issues around it when my friend traveled to India a couple of weekends before through Etihad. Flight started late due to some or other issues from the source, arrived 2 hours later than scheduled in Abu Dhabi. Missed the connecting flight to Bangalore. Those in economy class were given tickets via Oman Air. So they traveled from Abu Dhabi to Muscat and from Muscat to Bangalore. But their baggage didn’t and they came to know about it only when they landed in Bangalore. Imagine their surprise. It was  very bad customer service. But hey, at least my friend only had one baggage (even though it had some important documents and gifts and we were scheduled for travel in a day or two). One of the other 65 year old passenger not only did not receive her baggage, she did not have a clue about her 75 year old wheel chair bound husband too. Since he was travelling in Business class, he was put in the next flight from Abu Dhabi to Bangalore. And the authorities weren’t sure which one (the one that arrives that night or the one that arrives the next day morning). That was much worse. We hope that her husband was back home the same evening. The baggage did come a day later for us (and hopefully for everyone else)

Sully was a very good movie to watch. We enjoyed it. As soon as I heard those folks in the movie talk about computer simulations and how they conveyed the news that the flight could have landed successfully, the first thought was…it’s just a machine, you idiot. It can’t think like a human being, at least not yet. Well… someone else also thought the same 🙂

Finished with ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – third season’ on Netflix, finally. Also finished ‘Top of the Lake’ series, which was different and interesting. I liked it. Thanks to my friend, I started on a new series of thriller , mystery, detective books by Michael Dibdin called the Aurelio Zen Mystery series. Finished the 2nd book (Vendetta) because my friend was still on the first book (Ratking). Now I have to find out the other ones and start reading them. They were quite interesting. Sadly the TV Series were made only for the first three of them. Have to watch them once I am done with the books.

Well, that’s it from me for now. I hope there is a little less violence in the world. We have enough of the natural disasters to keep us on our toes already. Be safe! Cheers.

The Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two

As I updated earlier,  here are my views about this book. I got this because

a) I love HP series and am a fan of the Wizarding world

b) I wanted to treat myself the other day after a hard and tiring hour of window shopping (you can roll your eyes if you want to 😉 , but that is indeed a very tiring thing for me to do)

Now after reading the book how do I feel ?


Wasn’t I happy to get back the Wizarding world and all that it entails and be part of this lovely family whom I love so much? Yes, that is precisely the reason I got this book and read it too. But I am miffed that the marketing got the better of me by selling me a book which is worth only 150 pages max if you include all the pagination and paragraph alignment etc for double the page size and double the money. Even with the series, I wasn’t happy when the story was all drawn out and dragged to include more pages. This isn’t even part of the series. The underlying story is very very simple. And yes, it sounded more like a fan fiction than anything else actually. And it had lots and lots of time travel, a concept which I am not a fan of. And getting my head around it was so confusing and well… I wish they hadn’t been on that for so long. Some dialogues were good, no doubt.

The father son relationship part  was OK. Unusual friendships – expected. Many scenes from the series were revisited (of course they had time travel right?) which was good in a way, but after a while, you feel that it is all there to it. If you remove all those, there isn’t much actually. I feel that there isn’t much of a value add to the whole series. As a play I don’t know how it would be, but if it was just that, then I guess I would have been OK. But promoting it as the next  in the Series, well … I don’t think that is fair. Would I watch the play after this? Nope… Don’t think so. It might have been done very well, but now I got the images of how things would be in my head and I don’t want those to be altered by the play version. If they make a movie and bring back the same kind of scenes as earlier and revisit it, well…that I might watch.

To be fair, they did market it as the play and not a fiction so I guess I should not have had high expectations, but I didn’t expect that half of it would have been a reminder of the scenes from earlier books. That was what annoyed me more. There is a rumor that there are three more books. If they are going to be about the children of the trio, I wouldn’t be as interested in them as I was in the original HP series. I always wish that people would leave a successful series be and not try to keep going on with it. It kind of loses its charm for me after a point.

Goodreads rating: 3/5 (because of my loyalty towards the series)