Some unexpected visitors 

A note of Thanks

Looks like this week is a week of milestones ūüôā I got a trophy from WordPress. follow Yay!!! ¬†I have got a 1000 followers. Being my only social interaction platform, I have found that WP is a nice and cool place to hangout. I have made friends here, found that¬†one answer I was looking for to make my peace, have my share of daily laughs, share my love of everything with others, follow a lot of cool, exciting and wonderful people, learn something or the other daily, you name it. It has been a very enjoyable ride so far and promises to be so in the future too. As I had mentioned in my About, I did have a¬†blog in Google which was my own way of handling some tough times I was going through, but when my friend¬†suggested that I start a new one only for my views on books and movies, a way to share our ideas and suggestions for books (we are from different cities), I chose WP and from then on there is no looking back. But it sort of branched out to include my love of photography and well, you know how its going. For all the support, confidence, encouragement that I have received from the WP community, from each and every one of you (old, new, longtime friends, followers, visitors, viewers : everyone),¬†IMG_2803 These words may not exactly tell you how much I appreciate your visits, follow and comments, but these words are all I have.

As a giveback here¬†is a short list of¬†some wonderful bloggers and these are in no particular order (except for ascending order of the names) and I chose only 30 (out of a very big list) for this post, wishing and hoping that others don’t mind. Do check them out.

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¬†Thank you once again to all and Happy Blogging and Keep Smiling ūüôā ¬†¬†

Surprising Visitors

While in Coimbatore, on Independence Day, after a tiring and fun day at a Theme Park, when we were back and sort of resting we heard my mom shout from below (our house is in the first floor) calling all of our names. She was like ‘go to the terrace! go to the terrace!’ One would think that by the way she shouted it was something bad. But that is how we (my mom and myself) speak when we get excited.¬†And before I could run up, thankfully she also shouted , ‘there are peacocks visiting the neighbors’. That got me grabbing my camera which was anyways lying around in the table. But I really felt bad that I didn’t have my zoom lens at that time. These peahens (on a slightly closer look) had flown over to the terrace of the house just opposite to ours (when did they become neighbors I wonder?) and were planning their next jump. They were around 5-6 of them. There was quite a distance between the peahens and our terrace (ours was in a much lower level). I even climbed the roof and crawled a little bit closer to the edge to get a good shot (much to the chagrin and annoyance of my brother , who thought that I was going to break my streak of not breaking any bones). The kids were so excited and started calling them. We told them not to make noise and if we were lucky we can see them up and close. We also had some rice ready to feed them. And we said to ourselves ‘now, we wait’ and sat there hidden behind the walls in the terrace. Almost after half an hour, the crows started crowding the peahens and when we thought that they will be flying our way, they turned at the last minute and flew towards the sun. Damn! It is not that we get these visitors every day and it was so cool.