Recently while driving through Hosur Road, Bangalore, we saw a cab which had the logo of WOW on it. It was driven by a woman. You don’t generally see many cabs driven by women. It had a pink symbol on it. But I couldn’t see very clearly what it was. And after that I totally forgot about it until today when the word WOW popped on my mind. I know of a WOW club which stands for Women of Wanderlust group where tours  (both national and international) are organized for and by women. I assumed this one with the cab must be something related to wheels. And the search led me to Women on Wheels group, where cabs are run by women for women. In a place where sometimes women in cabs (driven by men) are being raped or being asked for sexual favors instead of payment is very prominent, this is a big deal. But I don’t know if many women know about this at all. Since I don’t read newspapers anymore I am not sure if there are ads taken out for these cabs. I know that they don’t show up when you search for cabs in your local area. I hope they become more popular and they get more support from women. My friends used to mock that if I am ever out of a job, I can be a good cab driver. Now, I know a group which would take me in 😉 I will definitely try them out next time I take a cab.


Wanderlust Whats on your travel bucket lists? Or tell of your last travel adventure.

This is the prompt from Grace at for this Wednesday. There are too many places on my bucket list. I have managed to tick a couple of them but got so many left to cover. So instead of giving you the list (which keeps on growing by the way) I will go with the last travel adventure.

I was in London this year, twice in fact. During my latest visit in July, we managed to cover Kew Gardens. I would like to post a photograph of the Treetop Walkway which I loved. Looks something straight of a Jurassic Park movie actually, if you get to the top. Remember the one where the flying dinosaurs or Pterosaurs were there? Looked like that. It was fun. Don’t be fooled by the height. It is quite a short climb up. You also have an elevator in case you can’t climb and you still want to enjoy the view from above.




“My heart is quite calm now. I will go back.”
― James Joyce

That is how I felt when I was in Cork, Ireland. I felt so calm and peaceful there. So yeah, I might go back 🙂 , hopefully.